League of Legends Fantasy Resources

Originally published at: Best LoL Fantasy Resources to Check Out - Esports One

Whether your new to LoL Fantasy or an expert, you should never stop trying to improve and have fun in the process. In this article we will provide you with a range of resources that will help immerse you into the world of fantasy, including:

  • Where to Play Fantasy
  • Personalities to Follow
  • Esports Publications
  • Where to Research

Learn more about LEC Fantasy Here & LCS Fantasy Here.

Where to Play LoL Fantasy?

Esports One has built the first all-in-one Fantasy Platform. This means you can research, read content, setup lineups and compete against friends all in the same place. The Beta is now live with new features getting rolled out constantly! Play Here.

![lolfantasy platform|1024x536](upload://iablfsM4SbW9kPWKhRXU5YTK63R.png)


Twitter is THE esports social media, that’s why we have put together a handy list of LoL personalities to follow. No matter their role in the scene, this group will give you insight, breaking news and fun content between LoL Fantasy matches.


Casters & Analysts

![Two League of legends esports hosts named Dash and Sjokz|600x400](upload://oNRNIrYjbOvv776CYAObOcmYIzz.png)

Esports Publications

Esports publications help give that expert analysis through interviews, insight and well written content. Although it won’t be fantasy content (except Esports One), the information they provide WILL help with your lol fantasy roster each week.

Inven Global

Dot Esports



Where to Research for LoL Fantasy

Esports One provides everything you need for fantasy stats and analysis, but for those data nerds that want to learn more we have recommended some additional resources.

Oracles Elixir – Raw stats
Esportspedia – Esports Wiki
LoL Esports – Official Riot Games Website
U.GG – SoloQ Information and Stats