Intro to Fantasy LEC

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If you watch the LEC on a regular basis and you aren’t playing Fantasy LEC you are missing out! If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Fantasy Esports that’s ok, we will help you understand what it is and where you can play.

What is Fantasy LEC?

Fantasy for League of Legends has a lot of similarities to Fantasy NFL, Baseball or Soccer. The general premise is:

  • Pick professional LEC players to be in your ‘fantasy team’
  • Watch the LEC matches
  • Your players score points based on their performance
  • The higher your team scores, the more people you will beat!


Why Play Fantasy LEC?

Playing Fantasy League of Legends gives you more of a stake in each of the LEC games you watch. Not only will you start watching matches of teams you never used to, you will also be fully invested and hyped!

In addition, playing Fantasy LEC will greatly increase your knowledge of the professional scene. You will learn all of the player/team names, discover their play style and even grow a deeper understanding of the Champion meta. 

How Does Fantasy Work?

Choosing Your Lineup

Each week you will be given a salary of $1,500,000 to spend on 5 players (One for each role) and a team. Fantasy LEC Players and teams that on average score higher will cost more, for example you wont be able to purchase the whole of G2, but you could afford Caps and Perkz

![|624x312](upload://Ej5oD5vXHBk5xA0Cx7FvH8SfSK.png)E1 Fantasy – Player List

How Your Lineup Scores Points

Your Fantasy LEC team will play two matches over the weekend, this means you will score points from both games. Scoring is based on your players stats, for example kills will earn a player 3 points, whereas a death will score -1. Full scoring breakdown here

![|295x300](upload://8QBtAIxgWoR5lGsxbQR7CcSCOY1.png)E1 Fantasy – Lineup with Scores

Using Stats to Make Decisions

E1 Fantasy has a lot of inbuilt stats and analytics to help you make informed decisions. You can look at the main stats table, click a Player Card to see their match-by-match breakdown or read the Fantasy LEC analytical articles on the blog.

![TL Doublelift Player Card|1024x580](upload://aodsQpHWWKsED5bhh1AVuipArfN.png)E1 Fantasy – Player Cards

Watch Your Team Score Points Live

E1 Fantasy also offers live Twitch embeds, this means you can watch your Fantasy LEC team score points in real-time.

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