Fantasy Scoring System

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What the E1 Fantasy platform accomplishes more than anything, is bringing LoL esports fans closer to the game. The design of the scoring system has a massive impact on this ability, so they keep it extremely clear and trackable from a viewership perspective. The platform provides you with the ability to watch and track every point that your lineup scores with complete clarity.

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Scoring System Breakdown

These are the stats your 5 players and the team you draft will be scored on.


 ⚔ Kills = 3 points
💀Deaths = (-1) point
🤝Assist = 1.5 Points
👾Creep Score = 0.02 points

👑*Captain bonus*: If you correctly select the Champion that your Captain plays for a game, you get 50% bonus points to the Fantasy Points he scores in that game (actual score x 1.5)


🏆Win = 2 points
⏩Win <20min = 5 points (in addition to +2 Win points)
▶️Win 20min – 30min = 2 points (in addition to +2 Win points)

🏰Turret Destroyed = 1 point
🥇First Turret Bonus = 1 point (in addition to Turret Destroyed point)
🩸First Blood = 2 points

🐉Dragon killed = 2 points
🐲Baron killed = 3 points
🦀Rift Herald killed = 2 points

Our Thought Process

Choosing the Fantasy Scoring Stats

Comparing it to fantasy football, fantasy LoL gives us the unique opportunity to track EVERY stat you could possibly think of. With there being dozens of small statistically-based aspects of the game and all stats being recorded electronically, we really had to make a lot of decisions on how we wanted to game to feel.

We could have given points based on a player’s Vision Score, factored in the DPM and how many Wards they placed. However, these complicate the viewership experience as they are not able to be tracked on stream. What makes following your team so great is that you know that when your Mid laner gets a kill, you get 3 points. You don’t want to be thinking “I can’t see Bjergsen right now but I hope he is placing wards and poking the opposing Champ to keep his DPM up…”

Additional Fantasy Scoring Considerations

  • Kills are worth so much more than any other player stat because they are the most scarce stat possible. Assists are common, with up to 4 available for each kill, but only one player can be credited with a Kill at a time, supporting why it is worth twice as much as an Assist.
  • Inhibitors were not included for Teams because the true value from killing Inhibitors comes from the ability to destroy extra Towers and the ability to win the game, both of which are already rewarded.
      • Adding more points for Inhibitors, which respawn as well, overly exaggerated the differences between winning and losing teams to an unhealthy level.
      • We could have rewarded them to a smaller extent, but that would do more harm than good in how it would crowd and dilute the total categories scored.
  • First Blood and First Tower are rewarded to mimic the in-game bonuses that Teams receive when capturing these objectives. We want our fantasy competitions to feel like as much of a game for viewers as spectators.
  • Bonus points for Wins in a shorter amount of time are designed to reward Teams that were so dominant, that they cost themselves future scoring opportunities by winning earlier in the game.
  • Captain Bonus adds an extra layer of research and variability to the lineup creation process. It does a great job of giving the lineup creation process an extra video game-esque feeling while allowing those who understand the meta the best to benefit.

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