Fantasy Preview: FlyQuest

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Team Overview

After finishing 9th place in the LCS last Summer split with a record of 5-13, Flyquest is coming into 2020 with a lot to prove. During the offseason, both Pobelter and Wadid left the team, leaving vacancies in both mid lane and support. To fill those vacancies, Flyquest welcomed PowerOfEvil from Counter Logic Gaming as well as IgNar from the LEC’s Schalke 04. With this new roster, Flyquest is hoping to once again play the role of an underdog LCS playoff team, as they were last Spring when they made the semifinals.

2019 Starters:                2020 Starters:

Top: V1per                      ▶️ V1per 
Jungle: Santorin          ▶️ Santorin
Mid: Pobelter                🔁 PowerOfEvil – Former CLG 
Bot: WildTurtle             ▶️ WildTurtle
Support: Wadid/JayJ  🔁 IgNar – Former Schalke 04


Fantasy Player/Team Projections

![|33x26](upload://6Cjz23IsKrB4J6Oxpsj9uPoBSUe.png)Top Lane: V1per

The top laner originally known as a Riven one-trick player in solo queue has made a name for himself as a legitimate LCS top laner over the last year. Flyquest has often looked to him to dictate the pace of a game and pave a path to victory and this shows in his stats. Despite Flyquest placing 9th in the LCS last summer split, V1per ranked 13th out of all top laners in the LCS/LEC in fantasy points per game (15.8 ppg) (min 5 GP). Flyquest tried their best to put V1per in a position to carry most games, indicated by him leading all LCS top laners (min 5 GP) in kill participation (69.7%) and first blood percentage (39%). This shows that Flyquest (Santorin specifically) consistently looked for fights around V1per early, setting him up to eventually carry them to victory. Expecting this trend to continue, V1per will end up being the fantasy MVP for FlyQuest, being able to rack up the points in any games where the team finds success.

![|33x31](upload://AoH6BrjFGRAp0OCTUiO2GErJlCk.png)Jungle: Santorin

![|21x17](upload://vbrmzpNy207sFR2MVXuOyPq1wfI.png) @Santorin
Returning for another year with Flyquest as an NA resident, Santorin looks to showcase his talents that allowed him to claim the title of the highest ranked player on the NA server last season. Similar to V1per, Santorin outperformed what his team’s record of 5-13 would suggest. He ranked 12th out of all LCS/LEC junglers in fantasy points per game (15.4 ppg) (min 5 GP). You can credit this to V1per’s and Santorin’s early game chemistry as Santorin is often the one assisting V1per early on, netting Santorin stats like a 67% first blood percentage and 82% kill participation. V1per has the edge as the team’s highest fantasy scorer over Santorin because V1per plays carry champions that are able to secure kills more easily, whereas Santorin often plays the flavor of the month tank junglers that net more assists than kills (Sejuani, Skarner). So, we can expect Santorin to score points while assisting V1per, which will put him above the average jungler when they win.


![|31x29](upload://a8s3K26XjFHFKurwx4bCS8213ao.png) Mid Lane: PowerOfEvil

After a rather successful summer split last year with Counter Logic Gaming, PowerOfEvil looks to help another team bounce back from a disappointing regular season finish. POE is actually a really odd fantasy case. He was the full-time mid laner on a second place team, but didn’t even finish within the top ten highest fantasy points per game scorers. For perspective, CLG tied C9 for 2nd place in record, but PowerOfEvil ranked 11th out of all LCS/LEC mids in fantasy points per game (19.4 ppg). In contrast, his mid lane counterpart on Cloud9, Nisqy, was the 4th highest fantasy points per game scorer among mid laners with 25.5 points per game. What separated the two the most was the fact that POE only averaged 2.6 kills/game, 1.7 less than Nisqy. If POE can’t even get 3 kills/game and break into the top ten while on a second place team, the chances of his stats improving on a team with a lower expected win total are slim.

![|28x26](upload://kGGVXcCQIhN0Gn3AGTrA2IGBOQS.png) Bot Laner: WildTurtle

Flyquest’s franchise player is back once again to showcase his “flashy” plays. While the ‘19 Summer stats show V1per and Santorin will perform above what their team’s record would suggest, WildTurtle most definitely encompassed the score of a bot laner on the 9th place LCS team. Last summer when it came to scoring points in fantasy, WildTurtle was among the worst of all LCS/LEC bot laners last summer split, ranking 20th in fantasy points per game (16.7 ppg). It’s no surprise that the bot laner with the worst CSD10 (-7.7), worst GD10 (-251), and second least amount of kills (38) among all LCS bot laners scored this poorly. However, there is some hope for him to turn it around this year. We have seen WildTurtle pop off in past seasons, and now he has a new support, IgNar, joining him in lane. This may not seem like a massive deal, but just last split, IgNar helped produce the highest scoring fantasy player in all of the LEC/LCS! IgNar helped push Schalke’s UpSet to a 30.2 points per game average and WildTurtle is hoping for that same magic. If FlyQuest manages to turn things around, WildTurtle will be a massive bargain for your lineup, but a lot will depend on the chemistry with his new support, which we can’t expect to click right away.

![|32x27](upload://u4nbBfxmpcWwWiyZThE1ArDK4x8.png) Support: IgNar

Rounding out Flyquest’s spring split roster is the former Schalke 04 support IgNar. While in the LEC, IgNar was a monster points scorer for fantasy. He ranked second among all LCS/LEC supports in fantasy points per game (18.5 ppg), just .1 points behind first place G2’s Mikyx. This is especially impressive considering Schalke 04 finished 4th place in the regular season with a record of 11-7. Usually the very top scorers are on the 1st or 2nd place teams, but IgNar managed to buck that trend. Not only did he have the best KDA (8.5) of all the LEC supports, he had the third best KDA of all LEC players in any role, being the only support in the top ten of that particular statistic. Over the entirety of the LEC summer split, IgNar had 22 kills and 24 deaths, which are absurdly close totals for a support, a position that will often happily die for the sake of their team. For example, top support Mikyx also had 22 kills, but 41 deaths. IgNAr’s price will be inflated to start the year as a result of the ‘19 Summer Split success, requiring him to come in and produce right away in order to be worth the cost. FlyQuest’s roster isn’t as much of a drop off from Schalke as it may seem, but you can’t expect IgNar to start popping off week 1. Let his price regress before building around him in your lineup.

🛡️ Team: Flyquest

There’s no sugar coating this, Flyquest was one of the two absolute worst teams last year when it came to scoring fantasy points. They were in the bottom two for stats like first tower percentage (17%, worst), first three towers percentage (33%, second worst), herald percentage (33%, worst), and first baron percentage (35%, worst). The silver lining here is that because they were the worst last year, they can score more than they’re worth this year even with slight improvements. This new Flyquest roster has a decent shot at performing better than last summer, so look to jump on the bandwagon quickly if they show signs of being a strong team.

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