Fantasy Preview: 100 Thieves

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Team Overview

During the offseason, 100T completely revamped their entire organization, changing their roster of players and their coaching staff/management as well. After recruiting LCK caster PapaSmithy to be their general manager, we saw some familiar LCS faces join the team, as well as some new faces emerge. With this new roster, 100T hopes to find themselves back where they were 2 years ago; in the finals against Team Liquid.

2019 Starters 

Top: FakeGod/Ssumday

Jungle: Amazing

Mid: Ryu/Soligo

Bot: Bang

Support: aphromoo

2020 Starters 

Top: Ssumday

Jungle: Meteos – Former OpTic Gaming

Mid: Ry0ma – Former Bombers

Bot: Cody Sun – Former Clutch Gaming

Support: Stunt – Former 100 Thieves Academy

Fantasy Player/Team Projections

Top Lane: Ssumday


After only playing 4 rather disappointing games on stage at LCS last summer, Ssumday ranked dead last among all LCS/LEC top laners in average fantasy points per game (8.3 ppg). To anyone unfamiliar with who Ssumday is and his history as a player, this is not at all representative of his skills. In 2018 he was playing in the LCS finals and went to worlds with 100T, proving that last season doesn’t represent his true ability. Due to his abysmal showing last year, Ssumday’s price will be somewhat deflated to start the year, giving him massive potential to greatly outperform his value early on. So, if you want to save for the star players without sacrificing scoring potential, Ssumday is a great choice to start the year.

Jungle: Meteos


Returning to 100 Thieves after a brief stint with OpTic Gaming (now Immortals), Meteos looks to join Ssumday and Cody Sun in reclaiming their former 100T glory. Meteos has been in the upper echelon of LCS junglers ever since 2013, and even through his time spent with OpTic. Despite OpTic tying for 6th place in the regular season last summer, Meteos still managed to rank 9th out of all LCS/LEC junglers in average fantasy points per game (16.2 ppg) (min 5 GP). With a solid floor of averaging 2 kills and 6.1 assists per game, Meteos was consistently able to score among the middle of the pack even though his team was losing more often than not. Even if 100 Thieves’ new roster ends up not working out, Meteos will still outperform what his price would suggest.

 Mid Lane: Ryoma


Hailing from Australia, Ryoma is one of the first OPL players to be imported into the LCS, and for good reason. During the second split of OPL last year, his KDA was 3.78 with an average of 4.3 kills and 5.3 assists per game. These stats rival the top fantasy point scorers in the mid lane for the LCS/LEC (top ranked Nemesis was 4.6 & 6.8 respectively). However, Ryoma earned these stats in the OPL, not the LCS or LEC, so we can expect a decline in his stats as he faces more skilled LCS mid laners even though we know there is talent here. Due to this unpredictability, throwing Ryoma into your lineup will carry a lot of risk, so staying away from this lottery ticket until his we know how he fairs against LCS players may be the best decision.

 Bot Lane: Cody Sun


After spending a year with Clutch Gaming (now Dignitas), Cody Sun is returning to 100 Thieves to reunite with his former teammates, Meteos and Ssumday. During his time on CG, Cody Sun wasn’t a particularly stand-out player. He seemed to play to the level that his team was performing, nothing more, nothing less. Clutch was a .500 team and he ranked dead middle at 10th out of all LCS/LEC bot laners (min 5 GP) in fantasy points per game with an average of 20.8 points. As 100T goes, so will Cody Sun and his stats. As 100T’s fortunes start to look more favorable, even if just for a week, expect Cody Sun’s stats to jump as well and pick him accordingly.

 Support: Stunt


To most, Stunt is a relative unknown. He’s floated around the LCS for years now, but he seems to have found a home within the 100 Thieves organization within the last year and a half, switching between academy and LCS. Last summer, 100 Thieves’ academy team placed 3rd in the regular season, with Stunt starting almost every game. He averaged 1.1 kills and 8.5 assists per game, which would place him around the top 7 fantasy points per game scorers for all supports in the LCS/LEC last year. Similar to Cody Sun, this indicates that Stunt can play to the level of his team, so his strength will be best known after a few weeks of play. 100T clearly thinks highly of Stunt since they promoted him to the starting roster, but we aren’t able to have that same confidence early in the season, making him a risky add to your lineup.

🛡️ Team: 100 Thieves


Last year, 100 Thieves was one of the worst fantasy point scorers as a team. They ranked 13th out of all LCS/LEC teams in that stat, and it’s pretty clear why. They tied for the second to worst first blood percentage (42%), had the worst first three towers percentage (32%), and the worst first dragon percentage (32%). It it wasn’t for their near 50% win rate last summer, they would have ranked even lower. With a playstyle not based around objectives, it’s possible that even if 100 Thieves has a positive win rate, they could still rank outside the top teams in fantasy points. This is an indicator that if the coaching staff doesn’t change the strategy for the team, 100T won’t be a popular team to pick most weeks.

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