Fantasy LEC Week 8 Community Picks

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Grand finale of the regular part of the 2021 LEC Summer Split is here, and it’s coming in hot! We’re finishing off this unusual Fantasy split with the last super-week – without further ado, let’s get right to the lineup building.

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Top Lane

WhiteKnight – Astralis $250,000 (vs SK, XL, & VIT)

Astralis’ toplaner was here a week ago – true, but if you picked WhiteKnight last week, you aren’t disappointed. So why not do that again? Astralis is still in contention for the final playoffs spot, and we can be sure that the Knight will be the person who’ll fight for it à I’outrance.

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Selfmade – Team Vitality $270,000 (vs S04, RGE, & AST)

Picking VIT players on a losing streak may not seem like the best idea, but this supposed EU superteam is on the verge of missing playoffs. Despite a criminal performance from Vitality, you can see glimmers of hope, and it mainly comes from the Polish jungler. Possible 2-1 on a carry jungler can cash out big, especially with Selfmade being priced more like a budget option.

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Mid Lane

Caps- G2 Esports $310,000 (vs MAD, S04, & XL)

First-half of the split Caps and bald Caps are day and night in terms of performance. Even if we can’t say it’s the optimal form of Baby Faker that we want to see in China on Worlds, the last LEC week is favorable for G2. You should be comfortable locking Danish mid laner in and watching him fight for the best finish in the regular split while not having to worry about your mid lane points.

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Bot Lane

Jezu – SK Gaming $240,000 (vs AST, MSF, & RGE)

SK was struggling heavily at the beginning of the split, but they seem to be on an upward curve right now. Not only did they pick up more wins during the last two weeks than the rest of the split, but they also managed to grab wins against the likes of Fnatic and MAD. Jezu has been a vital point in those victories, and if SK wants to complete this S04-ish miracle run, that cannot change. If you’re comfortable with that risk, you can ease up a lot of budget for the rest of the roster, picking up the cheapest ADC of the entire player pool.

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Hylissang – Fnatic $120,000 (vs MSF, MAD, & S04)

Fnatic had a worse last week, but they still need to seal their great split with a high finish, so hopefully, they’ve learned from their mistakes. Before the RGE and SK losses, Hylissang managed to get double-digit assists in most of his games (while maintaining a solid KDA with only a few deaths) – in 7 out of 10 wins, which is a pretty decent score indicating quite bloody games. If FNC goes 3-0 this week, I can see this trend continuing.


Team Vitality $230,000 (vs S04, RGE, & AST)

Let’s be honest – it’s hard to believe that Vitality can achieve anything in this split after what they’ve shown, but their price tag is just too good to miss, especially with them being likely to squeeze at least two wins out of three matches. If you want to go budget on a team, it is your best bet.

Best Overall Captain: RGE Hans Sama: Kalista & Ziggs

Of course – French marksman has some comfort/flair picks (like Draven), but having played either Kalista or Ziggs in six out of the last eight matches, I think you can pick those confidently – if you invested a whopping amount of 330k of your budget in it.

Risky Captain: G2 Caps: Lucian & Leblanc

His recent match history may not look like it, but picking captains for Caps is always a risk. You can always go with current generic midlane picks – like Lucian and Leblanc, as Danish midlaner’s last pro matches would suggest, but keep in mind that Caps always walks his way, so yeah – there’s nothing certain about it, even if it seems to be.

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