Fantasy LEC Spring Week 5 Captains

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Okay so your lineup is set, now upon which head do you lay the Captain Crown? Pick 2 Champions for your Captain, and if they play either one, you get 50% bonus to the fantasy points in those games. There are different strategies to use when picking a Captain, but the end goal is always to get those extra points. Getting the Captain bonuses separates the chumps from the champs, so be ready to read the meta and use that crystal ball!

  • Best Overall Captain: A threat to lead all players in scoring with a predictable Champion pool
  • Risky Captain: High upside value, but more risk due to Champion variety
  • Safe Captain: Sacrificing some upside to make sure that you get the Champion picks correct

Best Overall captain: RGE Larssen: Azir & Lucian

Larssen is set up to absolutely bully his lane in both of his matchups this week. And it is clear that he prefers to do so on Azir or Lucian as the pair make up his last 4 games player (and 6 of 9 overall). We all know Larssen can put up wicked high numbers, now imagine them with a 50% multiplier.

Risky Captain: FNC Selfmade: Lillia & Olaf

Risk is something we always associate with Selfmade, but so it reward. He has absolutely massive highs where he is clearly the best Jungler in the LEC, then he looks the opposite. But I guess that has just been Fnatic in a nut shell lately. Let’s hope this is one of the good weeks.

Safe Captain: G2 Rekkles: Jhin & Senna

I mean, ‘Safe’ and ‘Boring’ are two very different things here. Rekkles has been absolutely racking up the points lately and he has made his Champion preferences very clear. Take the predictable points.

Deeper Dive – Captain Role Meta

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Don’t let the flash Riven, Quinn or Irelia picks fool you; this lane is still owned by Renekton and Gragas (and still not worth Captaining).

LoL Jungler Icon


This position was drastically affected by the nerfs in the newest patch. We saw Taliyah disappear and Jarvan IV appear, but Champs like Lillia, Okaf & Udyr are still staples. A select couple players are worth Captaining here, but the recent patch still makes it risky.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane

I don’t think we will ever get a meta where Orianna and Azir are not viable Mid Laners. And I also feel like the surprise Corki is always a thing too. This position is worthy of a Crown, but be careful with the combination.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

As always, great spot to make a Captain right here. Kaisa, Jhin, Senna & Xayah are all the options you need to pick from. If you are ever split on where to put the crown, Bot should always be your default choice.

LoL Support Icon


Is fasting Senna making a comeback?? Support points incoming!

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