Fantasy LEC Spring Week 3 Picks

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Whether you are playing to win the F2P Cup, 1v1 Challenge, or taking on a Squad Battle, we all are after the W. We may even make some money on the way. So let’s take a look and see which players should be in your quarantine bubble and which players you should socially distance from this week.

  • SLEEPER: A medium-to-low priced player that is set up well to shock the world (in a good way)
  • BREAKOUT: A player that is poised to drastically outperform their price, whatever it may be
  • BUST: A medium-to-high priced player that will fail to return value on their price

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LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Kryze Excel

SLEEPER: Kryze – Excel Esports $190,000 (vs MSF & SK)

Approach with caution here. Lately, we have seen Kryze play more like a Support than a Carry. However, he showed a glimpse of his upside with his pop-off win on Renekton. If he brings that same ferocity to his beautiful schedule this week, he can be an incredible value.


BREAKOUT: Armut – MAD Lions $290,000 (vs SK & VIT)

Sometimes first impressions can stain an image too much. Yes, Armut got absolutely bodied by Wunder in his LEC debut, but he has made big strides since then. He showed his potential with 11 Kills against Fnatic and now has a schedule he can bully. Breakout time.

broken blade teamsolo mid tsm

BUST: Broken Blade – FC Schalke 04 $240,000 (vs RGE & MSF)

Even with a 3-2 record, Broken Blade has failed to put up even 20 points in a single game. He isn’t tasked to carry as much as the TSM version as he only has a single game with more than 1 Kill. He is missing the LCS right now.

LoL Jungler Icon



SLEEPER: TynX – SK Gaming $220,000 (vs MAD & XL)

SK Gaming has the type of schedule where the odds are against them to succeed, but there is a path to victory that gives many upsides. TynX has emerged as a massive part of SK’s win condition as he has 11 Kills across his last 2 games. If SK pulls this off, TynX may just lead the entire position in scoring.


BREAKOUT: Elyoya – MAD Lions $290,000 (vs SK & VIT)

Same story here as I went over with Armut. Both of these new MAD Lions players have finally gotten comfortable in their role, and people are starting to take note. Even with 2 losses already, Elyoya has scored 14+ in every game.

Gilius Schalke

BUST: Gilius – FC Schalke 04 $250,000 (vs C9, IMT & DIG)

This is not the Gilius we saw in the GodGilius streak of 2020. He has only scored over 16 points once, and that is when OP Pantheon got through. His KP numbers are too low for you to depend on him.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane


SLEEPER: SK Blue – SK Gaming $220,000 (vs MAD & XL)

Deep sleeper pick here. Blue has played 2 games against non-playoff teams, and he scored 20+ in both. His LEC career has had a slow start, but Larssen & Caps will do that to you. Humanoid and Czekolad are far more exploitable.


BREAKOUT: Czekolad – Excel Esports $280,000 (vs MSF & SK)

Let’s keep the “new the LEC with a rough start breakout” theme going here! This week is by far the easiest week Czekolad has had yet. And in the 2 games Czekolad hasn’t lost, he has gotten 24+ points in both.

Milica Team Vitality

BUST: Milica – Team Vitality $240,000 (vs G2 & MAD)

Wow, what a fall from grace. Once trying to break into the top tier of LEC Mids, Milica seems to be falling a tier each week. This week will be rougher than any as he faces two Mids clearly a tier above him in Caps & Humanoid.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

SLEEPER: Upset – Fnatic $300,000 (vs AST & G2)

REVENGE GAME!!! I know it is odd to have a high-profile person like Upset as a Sleeper, but people will run from him knowing that he will probably lose to G2. However, the biggest revenge game possible mixed with a Kill-happy match with G2 can make pricing Upset outside the Top 3 at the position look foolish.

patrik excel

BREAKOUT: Patrik – Excel Esports $300,000 (vs MSF & SK)

With MSF & SK on the schedule, this is the week for Patrik to finally show the world why people hype him up despite the losing records. If he doesn’t pop off against inferior competition here, the hype train will come to a screeching halt. MAKE OR BREAK.

Neon Schalke

BUST: Neon – FC Schalke $270,000 (vs RGE & MSF)

Neon doesn’t have the ability to make an entire week in a single game, which he will have to do with an in-lane date with Hans Sama cutting his upside in half.

LoL Support Icon


Hylissang Fnatic

SLEEPER: Hylissang – Fnatic $110,000 (vs AST & G2)

Wouldn’t it just be soooo Hyli, to have like a 20+ Assist game against G2 when you least expect it? Classic Hyli.

tore excel

BREAKOUT: Tore – Excel Esports $120,000 (vs MSF & SK)

If this is the week that Patrik will break out into superstardom, his in-lane partner has to benefit from it, too, right?


BUST: Trymbi – Rogue $120,000 (vs S04 & AST)

I usually aim for Supports that will be playing in winning scripts. However, Trymbi manages to die so often that he is spoiling his amazing opportunity. This guaranteed 2-0 week doesn’t get me as excited as it should.


Schalke 04 Logo

SLEEPER: FC Schalke 04 $230,000 (vs RGE & MSF)

Schalke just found a way to give G2 their first loss; think they can do the same to RGE? If they can, this $230k will lead all Teams in scoring as they can pair that upset with an easy win over MSF.

BREAKOUT: MAD Lions $290,000 (vs SK & VIT)

Outside of Top 2 in pricing and season record, but the most likely 2-0 finish on the week next to Rogue. Last week was an exciting bounce back, and now the schedule helps them from getting knocked back down. Get your wins where you can.

New Fnatic Logo no background

BUST: Fnatic $260,000 (vs AST & G2)

Fun fact: Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez Santiago owns G2 Esports… and Fnatic! Not actually, just when they play each other. 🙂

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