Fantasy LEC Spring Week 3 Captains

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Okay, so your lineup is set; now upon which head do you lay the Captain Crown? Pick 2 Champions for your Captain, and if they play either one, you get a 50% bonus to the fantasy points in those games. There are different strategies to use when picking a Captain, but the end goal is always to get those extra points. Getting the Captain bonuses separates the chumps from the champs, so be ready to read the meta and use that crystal ball!

  • Best Overall Captain: A threat to lead all players in scoring with a predictable Champion pool
  • Risky Captain: High upside value, but more risk due to Champion variety
  • Safe Captain: Sacrificing some upside to make sure that you get the Champion picks correct

![Fantasy LoL|1024x160](upload://cSJpMIsYPDngsAHALXhNHxk5jKe.jpeg)

Best Overall captain: G2 Rekkles: Senna & Jhin

![Captain Picks for Rekkles W3|200x200](upload://gmRrkTEseTR5vn3pTtI3dPJVYQn.png)

The hottest player in the LEC in terms of play and looks, Rekkles has cemented himself as the carry of G2. The loss to S04 left a sour taste in his owner’s mouths last week, but that can also help G2 come back angrier than ever. Before that loss, Rekkles had back-to-back 55+ point games, both of which came on Senna or Jhin (and all of the last 4 games).

Risky Captain: XL Patrik: Xayah & Kai’Sa

![Captain Picks for Patrik Week 3|200x200](upload://v5UrNItLOf7bPFYazBOyUdmjjPj.png)

This one takes some boldness, but fortune favors the bold. The Champion combo isn’t risky as it accounts for Patrik’s last 4 games. The risky part is trusting that XL can deliver on their favorable schedule. You know Patrik will; it is more of whether his supporting cast can not sink his value.

safe Captain: G2 Jankos: Olaf & Graves

![Jankos Captain Spring Week 2 2021|200x200](upload://ml8fKDDzgR8XnNPAfYEkKgOfjwS.png)

Last week’s Captain of the Week is now the safest option. There are too many priority bans against G2 for anybody to worry about taking Graves or Olaf from Jankos. He has 5 straight games with the Champs, averaging 6+ Kills per game in that same range.

Deeper Dive – Captain Role Meta

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Once again, Croc and the Fat Man. However, the only Top Laner in the LEC with the scoring upside to Captain is Wunder, and he does not obey the meta.

LoL Jungler Icon


Graves is still the man, Olaf is still the upside play, but Taliyah and Udyr are rising in popularity. Don’t try to get too cute here, though, and definitely don’t pick Dr. Mundo.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane

Twisted Fate and Orianna are still the only locks at the position. It gets messy past that, making it much harder to Captain this position than it should be.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

Well, look at that, Senna is back! Kaisa is still Queen with Aphelios & Xayah close behind, but Senna is making a strong case to be back in the Meta like she once was.

LoL Support Icon



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