Fantasy LEC Spring Week 2 Picks

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Esports One Fantasy is back!!! LCS Lock In 2021 may be preseason for LCS teams, but it is all systems go for Fantasy. We all may have some rust to knock off when it comes to crafting those perfect lineups, but the stakes and competition level on the site is as high as ever. Let’s take a look and see which players should be in your quarantine bubble and which players you should socially distance from this week.

  • SLEEPER: A medium-to-low priced player that is set up well to shock the world (in a good way)
  • BREAKOUT: A player that is poised to drastically outperform their price, whatever it may be
  • BUST: A medium-to-high priced player that will fail to return value on their price

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Jenax SK Gaming no background

SLEEPER: Jenax – SK Gaming $220,000 (vs S04 & MSF)

Jenax was my Sleeper Top last week, and he did exactly as I expected. He popped off for 30 points in their win and then struggled a lot in losses. He can make his week with a single win but realistically has two winnable matchups in Week 2.

Odoamne Schalke 04

BREAKOUT: Odoamne – Rogue $280,000 (vs MSF & VIT)

In a position that is often very messy and underwhelming, LEC Top Laners have been making their tiers clear. Wunder is #1 with a bullet. However, Odoamne is separating himself from the pack as a clear #2. Past him, it gets very messy; take the sure thing.

bwipo fnatic

BUST: Bwipo – Fnatic $250,000 (vs VIT & MAD)

In his first 2 games of LEC Spring, Bwipo had the same number of Deaths as he did Kills + Assists (12). Then Fnatic finally won a game, and he barely touched 15 points. No thanks.

LoL Jungler Icon


Razork Misfits

SLEEPER: Razork – Misfits $220,000 (vs RGE & SK)

You don’t want to get in the habit of chasing last week’s points; however, you also don’t want to ignore when a person is playing exceptionally well. Razork racked up 20 Kills (20!!!) in MSF’s 2 wins. If MSF can keep up their play and keep the RGE match competitive, a blowout of SK will make sure Razork gives you your value.

inspired Rogue

BREAKOUT: Inspired – Rogue $300,000 (vs MSF & VIT)

What people thought would be a Big 2 at Jungler in the LEC, between Jankos & Selfmade, has quickly become a Big 3. Selfmade has more upside than Inspired, but Inspired is far safer as Rogue looks way less volatile than Fnatic. Zero bust potential here.


BUST: Skeanz – Team Vitality $240,000 (vs FNC & RGE)

Despite Vitality’s ugly Week 1, I am still excited for their chances to finish high up in the standings. However, I don’t expect Skeanz to lead that charge this week as he faces 2 of the best 3 Junglers in the LEC in Selfmade & Inspired this week.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane


SLEEPER: Czekolad – Excel Esports $260,000 (vs MAD & AST)

After being one of the most hyped new members of the LEC, Czekolad wasn’t quite able to show off his skills as he hoped. But that is what happens when you lane against Larssen and Caps in the same weekend. It can only get easier.


BREAKOUT: Vetheo – Misfits $250,000 (vs RGE & SK)

There was no bigger Week 1 breakout than Vetheo. He comes in out of nowhere and looks like the best Zoe player in the LEC (not named Caps). A matchup with Larssen caps his upside, but he doesn’t even need to beat Rogue to exceed $250k in value.

BUST: Abbedagge – FC Schalke 04 $270,000 (vs SK & G2)

The super Saiyan forms of GodGilius and Fakkerdagge do not arrive until they face elimination and/or have lost 6 games straight. Come back to Abbedagge after more dire times.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

patrik excel

SLEEPER: Patrik – Excel Esports $300,000 (vs MAD & AST)

With a history of being weighed down by his underwhelming supporting cast, Patrik is starting to find himself in a better position. He has two very winnable matchups this week, neither team with their Bot Laner as their strength. Patrik is licking his lips.

hans sama rogue

BREAKOUT: Hans Sama – Rogue $330,000 (vs MSF & VIT)

I know $330k is too expensive to be a fantasy breakout, but let me pose a question. Who is the 3rd best Bot Laner in the LEC? Is it even close? Or is the better question “who is the 2nd best Bot in the LEC….?”

Carzzy Mad Lions

BUST: Carzzy – MAD Lions $290,000 (vs XL & FNC)

You are going to sit here and try to tell us that you are a top tier ADC after combining for 1 Kill and 11 Deaths in your 2 losses? Carzzy, please.

LoL Support Icon


Treatz TSM TeamSolo Mid

SLEEPER: Treatz – SK Gaming $80,000 (vs S04 & MSF)

Treatz has the most important trait that you look for in a Support; he is extremely involved. He recorded a KP of 80%+ in 2 of his 3 games, alongside a pop off performance of 23+ in their lone win. They can get another win this week, and Treatz KP will keep him from bottoming out (even in a close loss).

mikyx g2 esports

BREAKOUT: Mikyx – G2 Esports $170,000 (vs AST & S04)

Did you know that Mikyx was the 3rd highest Mid Laner last week? AS SUPPORT! He is a straight cheat code in fantasy. No matter his price, he can break out for way more points than any Support should be able to.

kaiser mad lions

BUST: Kaiser – MAD Lions $150,000 (vs XL & FNC)

I need to see more out of Carzzy before feeling confident in spending up this much for his Support.


SLEEPER: Excel Esports $230,000 (vs MAD & AST)

After a quality win and 2 quality losses, it is tough to poke too many holes in Excel’s chances. However, it is very easy to poke holes in MAD’s and AST’s chances of getting wins this week. Kick ’em while they are down.

New Fnatic Logo no background

BREAKOUT: Fnatic $260,000 (vs VIT & MAD)

Which Fnatic do you believe is the real Fnatic? Is it the version that got slapped by lowly Misfits? Or the version that dominated former playoff team S04? If you are still a FNC believer at this point, though, I don’t think I can talk you out of it.

BUST: MAD Lions $250,000 (vs XL & FNC)

They are the 4th most expensive option at the team position but are probably the most likely $200k+ team to finish the weekend without a win.

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