Fantasy LEC Spring Week 1 Picks

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Esports One Fantasy is back!!! While the LCS is warming up with the Lock In tournament, LEC is getting right into the action in grand fashion with a Super Week! The offseason is officially over, for them and us fantasy players. So let’s take a look and see which players should be in your quarantine bubble and which players you should be socially distanced from this week.

  • SLEEPER: A medium-to-low priced player that is set up well to shock the world (in a good way)
  • BREAKOUT: A player that is poised to drastically outperform their price, whatever it may be
  • BUST: A medium-to-high priced player that will fail to return value on their price

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Jenax SK Gaming no background

SLEEPER: Sleeper: Jenax – SK $200k (vs AST, G2, RGE)

If you played fantasy last year, you know that Jenax has a knack for getting a week’s worth of production in a single game. He struggles to put together complete weeks, but a match against Astralis may be all he needs to make sure he returns $200k value. He is a carry-focused Top that is the only returning member on his team.

BREAKOUT: Szygenda – VIT $250k (vs S04, MSF, AST)

A new name to the LEC, Szygenda earned the promotion from European Masters as he dominated every other Top Laner. His playstyle is extremely fantasy-friendly, as he averaged 3+ Kills in every split or tourney in 2020. He even has a pocket Akali pick in which he racked up 23 Kills with in just 3 games.

bwipo fnatic

BUST: Ssumday – Bwipo – FNC $270k (vs MSF, RGE, S04)

Let’s not forget just how bad Bwipo was in 2020 as he has a drastic lead in Death/game. If he keeps up that volatility, Odoamne and Broken Blade can both punish it drastically this week. But the real question… Does he have the goatee or nah?

LoL Jungler Icon


Gilius Schalke

SLEEPER: Gilius – S04 $250k (vs VIT, XL, FNC)

Is the GodGilius form still intact?? His price is down from peak for as he is set up to start shocking the world again. He won’t catch any of his opponents by surprise this time, though.

BREAKOUT: Skeanz – VIT $270k (vs S04, MSF, AST)

Skeanz is set up for a massive 2021 breakout even beyond this week. Nji tanked the VIT Jungler position’s value, but Skeanz managed to flash some upside towards the end of Summer as he strung together 3+ Kill games. And with his aggressive playstyle, 3 Kills a game looks like the minimum.

jankos g2 esports

BUST: Jankos – G2 $320k (vs MAD, SK, XL)

Jankos is amazing, but I can’t have him be the most expensive player in my lineup. He doesn’t have the ridiculous scoring upside that you will find at other positions as he has fallen into more of an Assist-getting role on the stacked G2 roster.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane

SLEEPER: Abbedagge – S04 $280k (vs VIT, XL, FNC)

And what about Fakerdagge?! The true hero of the S04 Miracle Run looks to pick up where he left off to end 2020. He is in a great position to start this campaign on a good note as two of his opponents are brand new to the LEC.

humanoid Mad Lions

BREAKOUT: Humanoid – MAD $310k (vs G2, AST, MSF)

MAD Lions have always thought the world of Humanoid as he has been the centerpiece of their team build from the start. And it makes sense because the talent is there. Now with another reshaped roster, MAD will live and die by Humanoid again, a task that brings risk, but lots of reward (especially when against AST & MSF).

nisqy cloud9

BUST: Nisqy – FNC $300k (vs MSF, RGE, S04)

I feel like LCS fans will be too happy to put Nisqy in their lineup. Remember, his fantasy success came from racking up Assists aside Blaber rather than getting Kills himself. Expect more of the same as Nisqy will be in the backseat to Selfmade.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

Patrik Excel

SLEEPER: Patrik – XL $280k (vs RGE, S04, G2)

Talent wise, Patrik can be put in the top tier of LEC ADC’s. His team context may be holding him back, but not in his own lane. Him and his Support Tore are the rock of the XL team and will be their win condition every single game. There may not be lots of kills for XL to get, but you can expect most of them to come from Patrik.

BREAKOUT: Comp – VIT $310k (vs S04, MSF, AST)

Remember the name! With Rekkles & Upset being a tier of their own in the LEC, Comp may have a better chance than any other ADC to join it. That campaign can start with a bang as he faces 3 of the 4 worst Bot Lanes in the LEC this week.

hans sama rogue

BUST: Hans Sama – RGE $300k (vs XL, FNC, SK)

This will be an interesting week for Hans Sama. First, he is playing with a brand new Support. Secondly, 2 of his 3 matches come against teams with extremely strong Bot Lanes in XL & FNC. RGE has high expectations, but it will have to be a balanced team effort to achieve them.

LoL Support Icon


SLEEPER: Trymbi – RGE $110k (vs XL, FNC, SK)

Supports and Teams are the positions that most have their fantasy value tied to winning. Trymbi may be a rookie, but he is coming into a solid environment with Rogue, a team that is eyeing a Top 2 finish. He is the cheapest you can go at the position while still having a chance at a 3-0 week.

limit sk gaming

BREAKOUT: Limit – S04 $120k (vs VIT, XL, FNC)

Crownshot was absolutely amazing in 2020, in fantasy and real life. But what if I told you that his Support was the reason why? Okay, not all of it, but still, give Limit some damn respect!

kaiser mad lions

BUST: Kaiser – MAD $150k (vs G2, AST, MSF)

Kaiser is amazing, but let’s temper expectations to start. His ridiculous Top Laner-esque scoring in 2020 came from the whole Senna/Wukong meta. That will not be coming back, so Kaiser will have to earn his points fair and square.


Sk Gaming Logo

SLEEPER: SK $170k (vs AST, G2, RGE)

This seems like a silly recommendation, but somebody has to win between SK & AST! If you can save $100k at the position and still guarantee yourself a win, you open up a lot of options elsewhere.

Team Vitality Logo

BREAKOUT: VIT $270k (vs S04, MSF, AST)

Clearly, I am a fan of what Vitality did coming into this season. But you will also find me raving over any team that gets to play Misfits and Astralis in the same week. If they take the contested matchup against S04, they may lead the entire scoring position.

New Fnatic Logo no background

Bust: FNC $280k (vs MSF, RGE, S04)

Even though you can say (and I will) that FNC improved over the offseason, they were still just a 9-9 team last regular season. But history aside, it will be tough to beat Rogue and S04 this week. Tough! Approach with caution.

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