Fantasy LEC Spring Week 1 Captains 2021

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Okay so your lineup is set, now upon which head do you lay the Captain Crown? Pick 2 Champions for your Captain, and if they play either one, you get 50% bonus to the fantasy points in those games. There are different strategies to use when picking a Captain, but the end goal is always to get those extra points. Getting the Captain bonuses separates the chumps from the champs, so be ready to read the meta and use that crystal ball!

  • Best Overall Captain: A threat to lead all players in scoring with a predictable Champion pool
  • Risky Captain: High upside value, but more risk due to Champion variety
  • Safe Captain: Sacrificing some upside to make sure that you get the Champion picks correct

Best Overall captain: G2 Rekkles: Kaisa & Jhin

Rekkles didn’t need any more of a reason to play two of his favorite Champions, but they are just so busted good right now he can’t pass them up. Nor can he pass up the opportunity to pop-off in his debut for G2 Esports. The only thing that could mess this up is if Samira gets through, but know that the fantasy points are coming regardless of which of the three gets through.

Risky Captain: RGE Larssen: Akali & Orianna

Akali & Orianna: It was Larssen, not Caps, that was the highest-scoring Mid in the Summer. There is no risk in picking Larssen, as the Ginger God is an absolute stud, just a risk in which Champions he will pull out. With 2021 data being thin, I am leaning on two of his all-time faves that are still very meta.

safe Captain: FNC Upset: Kaisa & Jhin

Upset always produces. Even as Origen slowly drained down the toilet, he was still holding his own. It is almost as predictable as the Bot Lane meta right now.

Deeper Dive – Captain Role Meta

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Renekton is King Croc of the Top Lane for sure, but still no Top Laners worth Captaining. G2 Wunder is close to that, but still isn’t worth the risk of him counter-picking instead.

LoL Jungler Icon


Graves is a lock, but then the second will vary by person between Taliyah, Nidalee & Lillia (I rank them in that order for most likely). FNC Selfmade would be the only Jungler I’d consider Captaining, with Jankos being a tier behind in upside.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane

People may try to go Yone for the extra swag, but Syndra & Orianna are still the go-to’s for your kill-potential Mids. Are they a roamer? Well, then go Galio and Twisted Fate, but actually, you should instead go a different route for Captain. RGE Larssen and G2 Caps are both amazing options here, but bring extra risk as sometimes they even outsmart their own Champion pools.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

Kaisa, Samira, & Jhin are the big 3 at the premier position, with Aphelios working 3000 years on a case to join. This is where you want to use your Captain, even regardless of who you go here.

LoL Support Icon


Nice to see Rell down here!

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