Fantasy LEC Spring Playoffs 3 Picks

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Let’s get right down to business. Whether you are playing to win the F2P Cup, 1v1 Challenge, or taking on a Squad Battle, we all are after the W. We can even make some money on the way. So let’s take a look and see which players can be the biggest value, and who is most deserving of your Captain Crown.

* signifies a series they will only play if they win their first series

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Armut – MAD Lions $250,000 (vs RGE or G2)

Armut has scored 20+ points in every win in the playoffs, something neither other Top Laner can say. There was also a 49 & 34 point game mixed into the stretch. Safety and upside.

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Elyoya – MAD Lions $320,000 (vs RGE or G2)

More people need to realize that MAD could very well win this whole thing. They beat G2 in legit fashion and can do it again. Those people also need to recognize Elyoya as the superstar that he is. He has scored 30+ in 4 straight wins.

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Mid Lane

caps g2 esports

Caps – G2 Esports $320,000 (vs RGE & MAD*)

Not only is Caps always entitled to lead the position in scoring, he also prevents his in-lane opponents from coming anywhere close to him. Pick Caps as he capitalizes on the gap that he has on any other LEC player.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

Rekkles Fnatic

Rekkles – G2 Esports $310,000 (vs RGE & MAD*)

Okay, can we just stop with the Karma? Coach Grabbz was the true limiting factor to Rekkles, but let’s hope they come to their senses for the next series. The one win that Rekkles did find on Kaisa went for 40+ points. Don’t doubt the talent.

LoL Support Icon


Trymbi – Rogue $80,000 (vs G2 & MAD*)

This is probably my favorite contrarian play of the day. Everybody is figuring out how to get every piece of MAD & G2, just assuming Rogue will lose. Well maybe G2’s struggles is why they lost to MAD. If you can buy the cheapest Support and still get 3 wins, you will have a massive leg on the competition.


Rogue 28european Team29logo Square

Rogue $230,000 (vs G2 & MAD*)

What I said above Trymbi still is true here too, getting the cheapest options at a position that relies so heavily on winning. Even if RGE can just take the series to 5 games, this will be a good purchase.

Best Overall Captain: MAD Elyoya: Udyr & Hecarim

Elyoya Udyr Hecarim Captain pick 2021

Throw some damn respect on his name! I don’t care if this is his first year in the LEC, Elyoya is a superstar. He is an absolute animal on Udyr. If you see bear-man running at you… RUN. The second Champ is a little trickier for him, but everybody is first picking Hecarim and I don’t expect MAD to be an exception.

Risky Captain: G2 Rekkles: Kai’sa & Ashe

Rekkles Kaisa Ashe Captain pick 2021

NOT KARMA. WE DON’T WANT HIM TO PICK KARMA. The risk here is whether or not G2 will let Rekkles be on the traditional carries. Let’s pray he ends up on one in each game, and Rekkles would love if it were Kai’sa & Ashe.

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