Fantasy LCS Week 9 Community Picks

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Hello all. Did you miss me? No? Good. I did not miss you too. Regardless, I am back to help you make the most of the final week of the regular season in NA by scoring you some big fat fantasy points for your roster (or not). LCS has been crazy, and many of the top teams have looked inconsistent. Going into playoffs, teams will likely take it easy as they look to identify their final form for playoffs (the only thing that matters).

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Top Lane

Revenge – Immortals $240,000 (vs TL, FLY, & GG)

I remember how low people were low on Revenge. However, since spring, he has steadily improved as a top laner. With a relatively easy schedule, he has an opportunity to disprove all of the doubts given to him throughout the season. One could say… HE is out for revenge.

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Xerxe – Immortals $260,000 (vs TL, FLY, & GG)

Xerxe and his aggressive playstyle are perfect for the strength of the schedule dealt. He averages 31 points in the wins that IMT has gotten, making him pivotal to his team’s success. Given the importance of these matches for seeding, I expect him to go “balls to the wall” in the jungle, as these zoomers would say.

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Mid Lane

Abbedagge – 100 Thieves $300,000 (vs TSM, GG, & EG)

Abbedagge is the best mid laner in the LCS. It’s hard to debate against that after a very dominant season for his first split in NA. I expect him to continue this form going into the playoffs. For the time being, watch him take your fantasy points sky high.

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Bot Lane

FBI – 100 Thieves $330,000 (vs TSM, GG, & EG)

FBI has proven to be a formidable bot laner throughout the season. However, he is very coinflippy. In 100T’s losses, his point values are abysmal (8 points on average per loss). This makes the game against TSM all the more critical. It is still possible for them to go 3-0 this weekend and solidify their seeding in first place. We will see how Friday’s game plays out.

LoL Support Icon


Vulcan – Cloud9 $130,000 (vs EG, DIG, & TL)

C9 are finally back in their previous form. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for them, especially when Vulcan has been steadily increasing in point value during the team’s resurgence. I expect this trend to keep growing going forward, given recent games.


Immortals $230,000 (vs TL, FLY, & GG)

Immortals have steadily improved from a bottom feeder team to a solid middle of the pack team as the weeks have gone by. As we approach the end of the regular season, IMT can apply everything they have learned to their weekend games. While I do not expect them to 3-0, it is a given that they could end up as week 9’s sleeper pick in terms of fantasy points regardless of the results.

Best Overall Captain: 100 FBI: Varus & Aphelios

Varus and Aphelios are pretty much the consensuses here. These are the most potent lane bullies in the meta right now. It wouldn’t be so far off base that FBI does not pick one of these champions in his games.

Risky Captain: TSM PowerOfEvil: Ryze & Orianna

PoE is one of a variety of mid laners with a flexible and deep champion pool. Caution advised when picking him.