Fantasy LCS Week 8 Community Picks

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The past weeks of LCS have been a rollercoaster, to say the least; days with nothing but upsets, previous kings falling, and dark horses rising to contend for the top spot. Furthermore, bottom teams have seen to significantly upgrade their roster even to upset a good chunk of the teams in the LCS; every game truly does feel like a flip of the dice. Our starting LCS writer decided to bench himself as a total spur of the moment decision. So, I have taken his place to write his articles alongside my CBLOL articles for the time being to help you guys roll the dice more effectively.

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Top Lane

Alphari – Team Liquid $290,000 (vs FLY, DIG, & GG)

Do I need to explain this pick? Regardless of the Jatt Propaganda Machine influencing the mass population, Alphari has always been, currently is, and will remain one of the best top laners in the league. Although the past weeks were harsh on TL, they look to take on three bottom-feeders of the league; they are expected to win all of these matchups by a landslide, despite how reinvigorated these teams look. Furthermore, Alphari has some of the most significant Points per Win numbers; combined with the matchups TL faces, this pick’s cost should pay off.

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nxi – FlyQuest $260,000 (vs TL, C9, & DIG)

With FLY changing their whole roster around, they have caused upset after upset; you can not count them out. Nxi, in particular, has shown to be the main winner from this roster move in terms of fantasy points. He is outstatting not only his entire team, which is already unheard of for a jungler, he also has the second-highest PPG and the highest PPW in the league. FLY’s game vs. DIG should already be relatively easy for them. However, despite TL and C9 being an upward battle, C9 has shown its volatility in the past from floundering to bottom teams left and right, and FLY might be able to exploit this. TL seems like a more stable team, so this matchup should be the hardest of the week for them, but if we’ve ever learned anything from Flyquest, it’s never to count them out.

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Mid Lane

Jiizuke – Evil Geniuses $310,000 (vs TSM, IMT, & CLG)

EG has looked like absolute monsters this entire split, losing only one out of their last twelve games. Their match against TSM should be the closest rival they have faced since 100T, but having beaten both 100T and TSM the last time they met, this match should go EG’s favor. IMT and CLG are undoubtedly floundering, so they are pretty much free wins. Furthermore, Jizuke boasts one of the highest PPG in his team, second only to Danny. Expect this pick to pay dividends.

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Bot Lane

Neo – Dignitas $280,000 (vs IMT, FLY, & TL)

I get it, DIG has been looking awful, so this pick comes as kind of a surprise. However, this is DIG’s redemption week; DIG will be looking to approach these games with everything they’ve got. Losing their match to IMT and FLY should spell disaster for them while winning these matches will be crucial for guaranteeing their playoff spot for the future. I personally would rather have FLY take DIG’s playoff spot after the coaching catastrophe that happened mid-split, but how realistic is that? I guess this week will bear the answer to that question, but for now, Neo looks like by far the best player on that roster, boasting the 4th highest PPW and by far the highest PPG in his team. If you want to toss your bets on DIG, this guy is the choice.

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igNar – Evil Geniuses $120,000 (vs TSM, IMT & CLG)

Despite support’s inherently low point generation, they have the most significant difference in PPW and PPL, so this role is very win-dependent as a whole. This is why in my opinion, support can never be budgeted and why I went for this pick. igNar is not only on one of the best teams in the league who should at minimum achieve a 2-1, but also has among the highest PPW in the role and the largest PPG as a whole. The price is hefty but well worth it.


100 Thieves $270,000 (vs C9, CLG & IMT)

Remember what I said for support? The same applies to teams; you cannot afford to budget a team. 100T also has a relatively free week; their only minor contention should be a C9 gasping for air, as their matches against CLG and IMT should be one-sided stomps. This quick 3-0 makes this pick so valuable compared to others, while surprisingly not being the highest price in the league.

Best Overall Captain: EG Jiizuke: Ryze & Lucian

The best team in the league comes with consistent results, stable fundamentals, and rock-solid systems to keep the team in place. EG has echoed this philosophy in their draft, at least in the mid lane. In his past ten games, Jizuke has played four games of Lucian, three games of Ryze, and two games of Lee Sin; in the past two weeks, he has played three Ryze games, two Lucian games, and one Lee Sin game. With Lee Sin being eradicated from the meta this patch, only Ryze and Lucian remain.

Risky Captain: FLY Triple: Leblanc & Azir

I have already explained why FLY is a risky yet high-reward pick this week; Triple is the 2nd best performing member on this team. In the past two weeks, he has played three games of Leblanc, so that’s a given, but the rest of his games have been on Lucian, Azir, and Viktor. Although picking one of these three is inherently a gamble, nxi has been playing a lot of Lee Sin for himself. This puts Lucian and Viktor out of the question, hence my final choice of Azir.

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