Fantasy LCS Spring Week 4 Picks

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Whether you are playing to win the F2P Cup, 1v1 Challenge, or taking on a Squad Battle, we all are after the W. We may even make some money on the way. So let’s take a look and see which players should be in your quarantine bubble and which players you should socially distance from this week.

  • SLEEPER: A medium-to-low priced player that is set up well to shock the world (in a good way)
  • BREAKOUT: A player that is poised to drastically outperform their price, whatever it may be
  • BUST: A medium-to-high priced player that will fail to return value on their price

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Top Lane

Finn Rogue

SLEEPER: Finn – Counter Logic Gaming $200,000 (vs 100, TSM & DIG)

As bad as CLG has been this season, there is reason to believe that better days are ahead. And those better days will lean on Finn to carry as shown in his 32.7 point performance in the loss to C9. That hope is not usually seen in $200k players.

BREAKOUT: FakeGod – Dignitas $260,000 (vs IMT, 100 & CLG)

No team has been breaking out more than DIG! I don’t think people realize though, FakeGod has gotten at least 3 Kills in 5 of DIG’s 6 wins. He even got 33+ points in their last 2 wins. Stock UP!

BUST: Fudge – Cloud9 $270,000 (vs GG, EG, 100)

There have been flashes of amazing and disppointing so far from Fudge, which is expected. However, it is his utilization that has been more worrying. In over half of his games this season, his KP is below 50%. If he keeps up his 2-game streak of zero Kills, then you are in massive trouble.

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broxah team liquid

SLEEPER: Broxah – Counter Logic Gaming $210,000 (vs 100, TSM & DIG)

This is the first week in which Broxah is in the USA the entire week for practice. Even without it, he was able to come in last week and improve CLG to the point where they almost beat C9. Even though CLG went 0-3, Broxah never scored less than 11 points. So pair that floor with a top-tier talent ceiling and you have some value.

Svenskeren Evil Geniuses

BREAKOUT: Svenskeren -Evil Geniuses $270,000 (vs FLY, C9 & GG)

I love this schedule. You have a big revenge game vs C9 sandwich between two of the three worst teams in the league. Let’s get swole!

BUST: Josedeodo -Flyquest $220,000 (vs EG, TL, TSM)

The Josedeodo breakout has underwhelmed so much that it has become a bust. Even if you want to say it is not his fault, that doesn’t help his fantasy production in a week where the likeliest outcome is 0-3.

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Mid Lane

Insanity Immortals

SLEEPER: Insanity – Immortals $260,000 (vs DIG, GG & TL)

I honestly could just lock Insanity into this spot for the entire season and it would always apply. He seriously gets no respect when people are talking LCS Mids. Do people even realize that he has had 6+ Kills in each of IMT’s last 3 wins? Dude pops off in the right situation.

Jiizuke Evil Geniuses

BREAKOUT: Jiizuke -Evil Geniuses $280,000 (vs FLY, C9 & GG)

Flame Jiizuke all you want, but he has one of the highest playmaking abilities of any Mid Laner in the LCS. Sometimes that playmaking ability gets him killed. Or even killed twice, but when you are facing Perkz in lane, you need some volatility in your guy. Jiizuke plays best when his back is against the Tower, i mean wall, oops.

BUST: Damonte – 100 Thieves $290,000 (vs CLG, DIG & C9)

Last week was a big ol struggle for 100 Thieves. They went 1-2 and now are looking at another 1-2 week. The only success they have had lately came with Damonte on a roamer, which hurt his fantasy upside. Damonte has been a lose-lose situation the last 2 weeks.

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Bot Lane


SLEEPER: Lost – Team SoloMid $280,000 (vs TL, CLG & FLY)

People need to wipe their memory clean of Lost’s performance in The Lock In. This is a different player. He has gone from dead last in KP, to 2nd at the position and already has 5 games of 5+ Kills.

BREAKOUT: Neo – Dignitas $290,000 (vs IMT, 100 & CLG)

This is not about Neo breaking out. That has already happened. This is a breakout for believing in Neo. Let me hear you say it…. I BELIEVE!

zven Cloud9

BUST: Zven – Cloud9 $310,000 (vs GG, EG & 100)

We saw some worrying trends from Zven over the last couple games. The biggest one, he is now the 3rd option for Kills on his own team. Assists and winning scripts will still let him score, but $300k+ players should be expected to be as true of a carry as they can be.

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SLEEPER: Destiny – Immotals $90,000 (vs DIG, GG & TL)

We always want wins from our Support. Destiny cost even less last week and got his owners 2 wins. Now this week he is still under $100k and has a solid chance as 2 wins. I mean IMT beat TL last time, so that should be an easy win, right?

Ignar Flyquest

BREAKOUT: Ignar – Evil Geniuses $120,000 (vs FFLY, C9 & GG)

If you always try to buy a stud player when their value is suspiciously low for a week, your ROI usually comes back nicely. Ignar is outside the top 3 of Supports in price even though his upside is still the highest.

CoreJJ Team Liquid no background

BUST: CoreJJ – Team Liquid $150,000 (vs TSM, FLY & IMT)

Team Liquid absolutely does have the best schedule this week. I will go out on a limb and say that TL will go 3-0 this week (finally). However, whoever said ‘you can’t put a price on safety’ clearly never picked CoreJJ in his lineup. His high floor is just too pricy.


TSM Logo transparent no background

SLEEPER: Team SoloMid $250,000 (vs TL, CLG & FLY)

I mean, who can blame TSM for losing to the hottest team in the LCS, Dignitas? They get an easier match in Team Liquid now. Jokes aside, if TSM can snag another win from TL before they get to full strength, it should be an easy 3-0 week.

BREAKOUT: Dignitas $260,000 (vs IMT, 100 & CLG)

I BELIEVE!!! And you can too for the low price of $260k! Come on down to the E1 flea market and grab a DIG while supplies last. Hurry on over!

100 Thieves Logo

BUST: 100 Thieves $270,000 (vs CLG, DIG & C9)

The team that the Golden Guardians just beat costs $270k? Ummmm, ew. No thank you.