Fantasy LCS Spring Week 3 Picks

Originally published at: Fantasy Esports DFS Picks League of Legends LCS Spring Week 3 2021

Whether you are playing to win the F2P Cup, 1v1 Challenge, or taking on a Squad Battle, we all are after the W. We may even make some money on the way. So let’s take a look and see which players should be in your quarantine bubble and which players you should socially distance from this week.

  • SLEEPER: A medium-to-low priced player that is set up well to shock the world (in a good way)
  • BREAKOUT: A player that is poised to drastically outperform their price, whatever it may be
  • BUST: A medium-to-high priced player that will fail to return value on their price

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Licorice Cloud9

SLEEPER: Licorice – Flyquest $240,000 (vs DIG, GG & IMT)

Flyquest has been underperforming relative to expectations, but can you draw up a better schedule to bounce back? Licorice will be able to show why he has been a premier Top Laner in the LCS across the last few years.

Alphari Team Liquid

BREAKOUT: Alphari – Team Liquid $270,000 (vs GG, EG & C9)

This will be the cheapest you will ever see Alphari. The last two weeks have not been pretty for him, but he is still the best Top in the LCS, assuring that he will never have an unfavorable matchup.

impact team liquid

BUST: Impact – Evil Geniuses $250,000 (vs TSM, TL & CLG)

I was psyched about Impact last week and felt validated after beating C9. But then he went and had terrible showings in the games he was supposed to win in, dying 10 times across the two games. With a similar setup this week, it is hard to pick him confidently.

LoL Jungler Icon


broxah team liquid

SLEEPER: Broxah – Counter Logic Gaming $150,000 (vs C9, IMT & EG)

He did it!! He got his visa!! That is the hardest part of playing in LCS; winning games comes easy. I don’t know if Broxah will play this week, but if he does, I want him! Visa Broxah is OP.

Spica TSM

BREAKOUT: Spica – Team SoloMid $250,000 (vs EG, 100 & DIG)

A clean 3-0 week for TSM that included a win over Team Liquid and Spica had 6 Kills to only 4 Deaths. This is the first step of the 2021 Year of Spica Breakout that we have been waiting for since the Lock In. TSM is a win over 100 Thieves away from going OFF this week.

santorin flyquest

BUST: Santorin – Team Liquid $300,000 (vs GG, EG & C9)

I know we all want to believe that TL will find their form and smurf the LCS. Even if that happens this week, that form doesn’t rely on Santorin racking up Kills. After two single-digit efforts last week, he has failed to reach 15 points in four of his six games this season.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane

Insanity Immortals

SLEEPER: Insanity – Immortals $240,000 (vs 100, CLG & FLY)

Just two weeks into the season, and we already see Insanity back to his old way of sneaking in wild pop-off games in between stinkers. With two very winnable games on the schedule, we could see him get another 7 Kill game to inflate his total. You also have to remember he just embarrassed Evil Geniuses last week, so anything can happen (in a good or bad way).

BREAKOUT: Damonte – 100 Thieves $320,000 (vs IMT, TSM & GG)

With Perkz still trying to find his form with C9 and Jensen failing to have a solid Kill Share on his team, is Damonte the best fantasy Mid Laner in the LCS right now…?

Jiizuke Evil Geniuses

BUST: Jiizuke – Evil Geniuses $280,000 (vs TSM, TL & CLG)

We all know Jiizuke’s real arch-nemesis… Tier 1 Mid Tower. He will be facing down that juggernaut in all of his three games this week, so he can be expected to struggle.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane


SLEEPER: Lost – Team SoloMid $260,000 (vs EG, 100 & DIG)

Whenever TSM has even mildly surprising success, TSM fanboys crawl out of the woodwork to start chanting. But even those people chanting are not pointing to Lost as the reason for the success. He had 17 Kills across the three wins with a 73%+ KP in each game. Put some respect on the name!

BREAKOUT: Johnsun – Flyquest $280,000 (vs DIG, GG & IMT)

Okay, the massive breakout that we have all been waiting all year for can finally happen! Even with only two wins under their best, Johnson already has 4 20+ point games. FLY has its roster at full strength, and the schedule allows for some success. This is it! Breakout time!

BUST: Neo – Dignitas $250,000 (vs FLY, C9 & TSM)

Two things you should never chase: Waterfalls and DIG Neo’s fantasy points he scored in the previous week.

LoL Support Icon



SLEEPER: Destiny – Immortals $60,000 (vs 100, CLG & FLY)

There is not a lot of risk in spending $60k on a person (in fantasy LoL, not IRL. Very risky IRL). However, Destiny is a great value as he has a schedule that you don’t have to squint too hard to see one or even two wins. One win and value is guaranteed. Two, and you just got rich.

Ignar Flyquest

BREAKOUT: Ignar – Evil Geniuses $110,000 (vs TSM, TL & CLG)

I normally would never recommend a Support who just went negative, but Ignar is not a normal Support. We even saw him carry on Tahm Kench last week with a fasting Senna! Ignar has the highest upside of any Support in the LCS, and a challenging schedule like this week only makes it higher.

CoreJJ Team Liquid no background

BUST: CoreJJ – Team Liquid $120,000 (vs GG, EG & C9)

CoreJJ is the type of Support that has his value completely buried in guaranteed wins. However, if those wins aren’t guaranteed anymore, paying up for him brings a lot of risk into your lineup.


immortals logo

SLEEPER: Immortals $180,000 (vs 100, CLG & FLY)

I will make the same argument here as I did for Destiny as a Sleeper. If IMT beats CLG (which they should), you will get your value. If they also beat FLY, then you are smurfing. I’m not even going to bring up the 100 Thieves game, though.

Flyquest Logo

BREAKOUT: Flyquest $260,000 (vs DIG, GG & IMT)

Flyquest breakout is like the theme of this article! But it makes sense given their preseason hype and the brief periods of greatness we saw from their full 5. SAVE THE BEES!

TSM Logo transparent no background

BUST: Team SoloMid $220,000 (vs EG, 100 & DIG)

This is my attempt to reach out to all the new/returned TSM fanboys: approach with caution. Yes, I do see TSM having a 2-1 week and being worth this price, but I don’t have to work too hard to see them also go 0-3. Early season struggles and success are evenly volatile.