Fantasy LCS Spring Week 2 Captains

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Okay, so your lineup is set. Now, upon which head do you lay the Captain Crown? Pick 2 Champions for your Captain, and if they play either one, you get a 50% bonus to the fantasy points in those games. There are different strategies to use when picking a Captain, but the end goal is always to get those extra points. Getting the Captain bonuses separates the chumps from the champs, so be ready to read the meta and use that crystal ball!

  • Best Overall Captain: A threat to lead all players in scoring with a predictable Champion pool
  • Risky Captain: High upside value, but more risk due to Champion variety
  • Safe Captain: Sacrificing some upside to make sure that you get the Champion picks correct

Best Overall captain: C9 Zven – Kaisa & Miss Fortune

Zven Captain Picks Week 2 Spring 2021

In a league where top-tier Bot Laners are already extremely rare, Zven has been able to set himself apart from every player in the League. His Kill potential is unrivaled at the position, and he is extremely predictable with his Champs (which comes with the position). His schedule is tough, but he is always a trustworthy source of points.

Risky Captain: C9 Blaber – Udyr & Taliyah

Blaber Captain Picks Week 2 Spring 2021

Talk about upside! Just last week, Blaber combined for 19 Kills over his three games, all of which came on these 2 Champions. Blaber is not only a threat to lead all Junglers in scoring in a given week; he is one of the few non-Bot Laners that can lead all players (like he did last week).

safe Captain: TL Santorin – Udyr & Taliyah

Santorin Captain picks week 2 spring 2021

Nothing gets safer than betting on TL (don’t even bring up that IMT game though…). But out of the three carries on the team at Jun, Mid & Bot, it is actually Santorin in the Jungle that has the most predicable Champ pool.

Deeper Dive – Captain Role Meta

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Another week of Renekton ruling the Top Lane. However, Gragas has some company as the second most popular pick, with Camille pushing into the meta. Although she helps Top scoring a lot, it still doesn’t make the position Captain worthy.

LoL Jungler Icon


Udyr and Taliyah are by far the go-to picks here. However, a position that has emerged as a second amazing Captain option (next to Bot) will get murky as nerfs start to hit pro play. If you invest big money into Jungler, Captain it as a last hoorah, as unpredictability is on the way.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane

It isn’t a Mid Lane meta unless Orianna, Azir, and Syndra are a part of it! Add in Twisted Fate, and you have the whole position figured out. The rhyme or reason between the 4 is not exact, making a Mid Captain a risk-reward choice.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

Kaisa is still the Queen. Xayah & Aphelios are the clear 2 & 3, but we have seen Miss Fortune climb into the meta, taking the place of where we thought Senna or Samira could rise to in pro-play. This is still the go-to Captain position—just a matter of who you pick next to Kaisa.

LoL Support Icon


Rell is on a horse! That’s cool! (weekly reminder not to Captain this position)

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