Fantasy LCS Spring Playoffs 2 Picks

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Let’s get right down to business. Whether you are playing to win the F2P Cup, 1v1 Challenge, or taking on a Squad Battle, we all are after the W. We can even make some money on the way. So let’s take a look and see which players can be the biggest value, and who is most deserving of your Captain Crown.

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Top Lane

Huni Evil Geniuses

Huni – TSM $250,000 (vs EG)

Yeah Impact is a tough lane matchup, but Huni is very used to being in high pressure and high difficulty spots. The chances of him getting 3 wins this weekend, paired with his history of carrying playoff wins, makes him a steal as the 2nd cheapest Top.

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Dardoch Dignitas

Dardoch – Dignitas $280,000 (vs 100)

When you target upsets, you have to figure out who will benefit from them most. Even though FakeGod has some massive games, I still see Dardoch and Neo as the leaders of the team. Nobody knows which Champion Dardoch will play, but everybody knows his presence will be felt.

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Mid Lane

powerofevil flyquest

PowerOfEvil – TSM $310,000 (vs EG)

We all know how much TSM fans love chanting sets of 3 letters, and they will be doing that again this weekend. POE is the clear leader of TSM, both in experience and playstyle, and has a very high upside date with Jiizuke in lane. T-S-M, P-O-E.

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Bot Lane

FBI Golden Guardians

FBI – 100 Thieves $320,000 (vs DIG)

If you wanted to bet money on who will lead all players in scoring this weekend, FBI would be the easy favorite. Yes, I know his numbers last week were BAD. AWFUL. GROSS. But that is what happens when you play fasting Senna and lose before you even become an ADC. Dignitas won’t be able to do that to him like C9 did.

LoL Support Icon


Ignar Flyquest

Ignar – $110,000 (vs TSM)

Needed to make sure I mention an EG player in here. And who better than Mr. Upside at Support, Ignar! We have seen just how bloody EG games can get. Ignar is a main reason why that happens, and the biggest reason of why it can work for them. Pick him and hope for blood.


Dignitas $230,000 (vs 100)

If 100 Thieves plays like they did against Cloud9, DIG will win. They are slumping, still don’t even know who their Mid is, and is ripe for the taking. This is the highest win probability you will ever find from the cheapest option at Team.

Best Overall Captain: TSM PowerOfEvil:Seraphine & Azir

Poe Captain Seraphine Azir 2021

Did somebody let POE know that Azir got nerfed? I’m not sure if he doesn’t know, or just doesn’t care. Either way, POE locks him in whenever he can and the opposing team never seems to care. I’ll add Seraphine as the 2nd Champ since he played her twice in the TL series.

Risky Captain: 100 FBI: Senna & Kaisa

FBI Kaisa Senna Captain

Like I said, FBI is my bet to lead all players in scoring. However, the risk comes with his Champion pool starting to get a little diverse. He has played Senna, Jinx, Tristana & Kaisa lately, to varying degrees off success. I’d choose any 2 of those other than Jinx.

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