Fantasy LCS Lock In Week 1 Picks

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Esports One Fantasy is back!!! LCS Lock In 2021 may be preseason for LCS teams, but it is all systems go for Fantasy. We all may have some rust to knock off when it comes to crafting those perfect lineups, but the stakes and competition level on the site is as high as ever. Let’s take a look and see which players should be in your quarantine bubble and which players you should be socially distanced from this week.

  • SLEEPER: A medium-to-low priced player that is set up well to shock the world (in a good way)
  • BREAKOUT: A player that is poised to drastically outperform their price, whatever it may be
  • BUST: A medium-to-high priced player that will fail to return value on their price

IMPORTANT: Flyquest only has 2 games this week, meaning they will have 1 less game score than every other team (Top 3 Scores are counted for all Players/Teams). Due to this, their prices are much lower than they normally would be.

CLG has 4 games this week, but we will still only take their Top 3 scores. However, this is still an advantage to them since they have an extra opportunity to get a high score.

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

SLEEPER: Solo – Counter Logic Gaming $180,000 (vs TL, GG, 100 & TSM)

Okay this is just ridiculous now. First I put together an extremely well written essay explaining why Finn is a great value. Then I was forced to turn and replicate that same magic for rjs (formerly known as Deus), and now Solo is probably going to start! I’m all out of writing magic here folks. I like the CLG Top Laner this week. Extra game, cheap price and experienced team. Good set up. Ok I’m done.


BREAKOUT: Fudge – Cloud9 $270,000 (vs EG, FLY & IMT)

Fantasy performance aside, Fudge is a popular pick to be the biggest breakout of the week by any measure. C9 unloaded the armored truck to afford Perkz, but let their All-Pro Licorice walk in favor of an Academy player. That is a big vote of confidence in Fudge, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise after smurfing academy all 2020.

ssumday 100thieves

BUST: Ssumday – 100 Thieves $260,000 (vs TSM, CLG & TL)

This new 100 Guardians roster has many people watering at the mouth, including Ssumday. This is the best NA roster he has been a part of, but it doesn’t mean they are invincible to a tough schedule. Facing Alphari and Huni with a brand new team brings a lot of risk without the discount to your lineup.

LoL Jungler Icon


SLEEPER: Josedeodo – Flyquest $160,000 (vs DIG & C9)

You won’t find any stats that will blow you away from Josedeodo. In the past, he has played a slower, more methodical playstyle that doesn’t produce crazy numbers in the LLA. It may not translate over to fantasy production in his first week of LCS action, especially since his 2-game schedule is working against him, but he absolutely belongs in the top half of LCS Junglers in terms of talent.

Spica TSM

BREAKOUT: Spica – Team SoloMid $290,000 (vs 100, GG & CLG)

Crazy enough, I feel like 2020 was a breakout year for Spica, but I expect him to breakout even bigger and flashier in 2021. Unlike Josedeodo, Spica is in a phenomenal position to start that breakout from Week 1. A ready-to-win roster that is heavily favored to win 2 of their 3 games this week, Spica can put up big numbers.

Svenskeren Evil Geniuses

BUST: Svenskeren – Evil Geniuses $250,000 (vs C9, IMT & DIG)

After lots of changes, EG’s end result for their roster is extremely encouraging. This week’s schedule is also amazing, as they can be expected to win all games not against C9. However, that stuff never mattered much for Svenskeren anyways, as he finished dead last in Kills at the position in Summer.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane

Jiizuke Evil Geniuses

SLEEPER: Jiizuke – Evil Geniuses $290,000 (vs C9, IMT & DIG)

After being the big splash signing of 2020, everybody is writing Jiizuke off this year! It is like they only choose to remember his negative scoring Karma-mid game… Jiizuke is extremely volatile, yes, but that can also bring massive upside.

powerofevil flyquest

BREAKOUT: PowerOfEvil – Team SoloMid $310,000 (vs 100, GG & CLG)

We have seen CLG POE breakout, FLY POE breakout, and now we get to see TSM POE breakout! He has large shoes to fill replacing Bjergsen, but luckily he has Coach Bjergsen helping him with the task. POE may not have the versatility as a player as other Mids, but he was a fantasy MVP for all of 2020 and should be counted on to do the same this year.

BUST: Damonte – 100 Thieves $270,000 (vs TSM, CLG & TL)

We saw Damonte completely reinvent himself as a member of GG in 2020. He transformed into an extremely supportive and roaming Mid Laner, drastically sacrificing his Kill potential in order to help the team win. That is very noble and respectable in real life LoL, but in fantasy LoL, we want those Kills!

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

wildturtle FlyQuest no background

SLEEPER: WildTurtle – Counter Logic Gaming $280,000 (vs TL, GG, 100 & TSM)

Is everybody just forgetting how good WildTurtle was on Flyquest last year? I feel like everybody just wants to praise POE, Santorin & Ignar for all their success. WildTurtle was the hottest player in the LCS after being put back in the starting lineup and is given a great opportunity to find fantasy success this week with the 4-game schedule.

BREAKOUT: Deftly – Evil Geniuses $260,000 (vs C9, IMT & DIG)

Replacing Bang is very tough, but the task gets easier when you have Ignar with you in your lane. Deftly should expect to see many fights with his engage-happy Support, which always translates to fantasy success, especially when Deftly is part of the far superior lane in matches with teams like IMT & DIG.

BUST: Johnsun – Flyquest $220,000 (vs DIG & C9)

I really wanted this breakout to happen, but unfortunately, the schedule prevents it from happening this week. Johnsun is amazing, and 2021 will be big for him, but you can’t expect him to outscore 3 games from everybody else when he only has 2 games on the slate.

LoL Support Icon


SLEEPER: Aphromoo – Dignitas $70,000 (vs FLY, IMT & EG)

Everybody is always looking for a budget Support. Even in a dismal 2020 campaign for DIG, Aphromoo was a bright spot for the team. He just needs to do the same in order to return $70k value, something that is made even easier with a matchup against IMT’s Academy team on the schedule.

Swordart Suning

BREAKOUT: SwordArt – Team SoloMid $130,000 (vs 100, GG & CLG)

If it wasn’t for Perkz, we would all be naming SwordArt as the most talented player added to the LCS this year. For those dedicated LoL fans that watched Worlds, you already saw the SwordArt breakout. For the NA faithful that couldn’t bare to watch, well, get ready to be amazed.

CoreJJ Team Liquid no background

BUST: CoreJJ – Team Liquid $150,000 (vs CLG, 100 & GG)

Wtf the 2020 MVP as a Bust?! CoreJJ is amazing and deserves all praise. However, his price is high due to safety and predictability, not scoring potential. If you don’t want to lose any sleep over Support, go CoreJJ. However, if you want the person who will lead the position in scoring, you will have to get creative with somebody else.


SLEEPER: Dignitas $190,000 (vs FLY, IMT & EG)

Wins are the lifeblood of fantasy scoring for Teams. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to win every game to be successful. If DIG beats IMT (like they should) and can stay competitive against FLY & EG, both made of up brand new rosters, Dignitas will majorly outperform the bottom 4 price.

CLG Counterlogic gaming

BREAKOUT: Counter Logic Gaming $230,000 (vs TL, GG, 100 & TSM)

Yes wins are the lifeblood of scoring for Teams, but it also helps a friggin lot when a team has a whole extra game. You just want more darts to throw, so the fact that CLG gives you 4 chances to get your 3 best games, it is tough to pass up. Even amid the unknowns around their roster, their players have the LCS experience to surprise a lot of people this week.

100thieves logo

BUST: 100 Thieves $270,000 (vs TSM, CLG & TL)

I feel like Major Buzzkill here on the 100 Guardians hype, but I’ll be the bad guy if it means helping your lineups out. This team will be great this year! Amazing! Just not this week. There is a very real chance that they lose to TL & TSM this week, which will sink your lineup if you spend $270k for a 1-2 finish.

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