Fantasy LCS Lock In Semis/Finals Picks

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Esports One Fantasy is back!!! LCS Lock In 2021 may be preseason for LCS teams, but it is all systems go for Fantasy. We all may have some rust to knock off when it comes to crafting those perfect lineups, but the stakes and competition level on the site is as high as ever. Let’s take a look and see which players should be in your quarantine bubble and which players you should socially distance from this week.

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Top Lane

Alphari Team Liquid

PICK: Alphari – Team Liquid $260,000 (vs EG & TBD)

Team Liquid signed Alphari to be the best Top Laner in the LCS. After a disastrous 2020 with Origen, Alphari finds himself in a position to cement his spot atop his League this weekend. The skill and motivation could not be better.

impact team liquid

AVOID: Impact – Evil Geniuses $240,000 (vs TL & TBD)

Impact has been King Croc of the Lock In. However, he never had to go in-lane with Alphari to find that success. He will struggle with the most oppressive in-lane matchup in the LCS.

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PICK: Closer – 100 Thieves $300,000 (vs C9 & TBD)

He is so damn hot right now. Everything from his 12 Kill Graves game to his 100 Thieves apparel swag. He is the hottest player in the LCS right now and is playing fast, aggressive and perfect for fantasy points.

Svenskeren Evil Geniuses

AVOID: Svenskeren – Evil Geniuses $230,000 (vs TL & TBD)

After an amazing first weekend, the EG hype train came to a screeching halt in their loss to Flyquest. Svenskeren’s hype died more than anybody as he finished that game with a 1/3/1 line for 6.1 fantasy points. Studs should never score that low.

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Mid Lane

Jiizuke Evil Geniuses

PICK: Jiizuke – Evil Geniuses $260,000 (vs TL & TBD)

Talk about risk-reward here! Jiizuke seems to collapse when the pressure is off but plays his best when his back is against the wall. Well, facing elimination to TL, his back is against the wall. I don’t expect EG to win, but Jiizuke will have had an incredible series if they do.

perkz g2 esports

AVOID: Perkz – Cloud9 $300,000 (vs 100 & TBD)

Who is this, and what did you do with the real Perkz?! 7 LCS games into his career, and he has still never topped 4 Kills. This is not the LEC GOAT that G2 promised us in NA!

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Bot Lane

tactical team liquid

PICK: Tactical – Team Liquid $310,000 (vs EG & TBD)

5 wins at the Lock In. 5 games of 5+ Kills, all of which finishing with 30+ fantasy points. Tactical is an absolute monster, and these sexy trends should continue as TL continues to win.

zven Cloud9

AVOID: Zven – Cloud9 $280,000 (vs 100 & TBD)

Do you know which Bot Laner does NOT give up fantasy points? FBI. Do you know what Bot Laner Zven has a BO5 series date with this weekend? FBI. FBI only has 1 game in the Lock In with more than 2 Deaths. If Zven can’t score in-lane, he will struggle to thrive.

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PICK: Huhi – 100 Thieves $130,000 (vs C9 & TBD)

I can’t say enough nice things about Huhi. So I’ll take my opinion out of it and just talk cold, hard facts. Out of his 6 Lock In games, Huhi already has 5 games of 12+ Assists, 4 of those games with a 75%+ KP. The dude is everywhere.

Vulcan Cloud9 (C9) Headshot Spring Split 2020 Fantasy LCS

AVOID: Vulcan – Cloud9 $150,000 (vs 100 & TBD)

The major points for Zven also apply here, but Vulcan also has had a surpising amount of dud games. He already has 2 games of 5+ Deaths at the Lock In, the same amount of games in which he broke 20 points. We expect those numbers to be drastically different Vulcan.


100thieves logo

PICK: 100 Thieves $260,000 (vs 100 & TBD)

It may sound weird since neither of them is Cloud9, but there are 2 clear favorites this weekend. You want your team to get your 3 wins, and 100T is the cheapest team that you can expect to get you that.

evil geniuses

AVOID: Evil Geniuses $200,000 (vs TL & TBD)

This is not 100% about the hype train falling apart in the loss to Flyquest. This is just as much about the fact that TL is finally back to full strength, which is damn near impossible for any LCS team to overcome.

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