Fantasy LCS: Complete Guide

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If you watch the LCS on a regular basis and you aren’t playing Fantasy LCS you are missing out! If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Fantasy Esports that’s ok, we will help you understand what it is and where you can play.

What is Fantasy LCS?

If you’ve played other fantasy sports, LoL Fantasy follows a similar concept, in that:

  • Choosing LCS players to fill your roster for that week
  • Watch the LCS games live to see you players play
  • They will score points based on how well they do in their matches
  • The aim is to score the highest possible, this ensures you’ll beat other Fantasy LCS players

Why Play Fantasy LCS?

The best part of Fantasy LoL is it will increase your interest in matches you never thought you would enjoy. Imagine the thought of watching two bottom tier teams, not fun right? Guess again! Now picture having the mid laner of one of those teams and watching him score huge points. Pretty cool, right!

Not only does it increase the excitement of watching the LCS, it also helps grow your understanding of the professional LoL scene. You’ll find yourself knowing everyone’s names, play styles and Champions they thrive on! The knowledge from Fantasy LCS can actually trickle into your soloQ games!

How Does Fantasy Work

Picking a Lineup

Every week you pick 5 players (i.e Bot Laner, Top Laner etc) and one Team. Before you ask, no you can’t pick the whole of Fnatic or Cloud9, this is because you have a salary cap of $1.5M. Each player has a designated salary for the week, top tier teams will have more expensive players – this is why you can’t stack your team with Fnatic or Cloud9 players. 

E1 Fantasy Player ListE1 Fantasy – Player List

Scoring Points

Your players for your Fantasy LCS team score points based on their matches played each weekend. If a player you picked plays well, their score will be high. Players score points through kills, deaths, assists and their total Creep Score. We explain how the scoring works in detail here

E1 Fantasy – Lineup with Scores

Utilizing Stats to Improve

The E1 Fantasy platform has a lot of stats featured in the platform. There is a great mix of overview statistics, match breakdowns and expert content to help you make informed decisions. 

E1 Fantasy – Player Cards

Watch Your Team Score Points Live

You can both watch your score tick up and the game played in the same window! This immerses you into a full Fantasy LCS experience!

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