Fantasy LCK Week 9 Community Picks

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Aaaaaaaaaaand we have our first LCK playoff team locked in, NS! That leaves five more spots, and only DRX has been eliminated mathematically. This week will feature two crucial series for seeding: GEN vs. T1 and GEN vs. DK, and is a do-or-die week for the 7th-to-9th place teams currently on the outside looking in. The gap between 6th and 7th has grown to 2 games, which means every series is a must-win. FYI, the teams that only have one series this week are NS, HLE, KT, and AF, and as always, I’ll be here to steer you in the right direction.

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Top Lane

Rascal – Generation Gaming $280,000 (vs T1 & DK)

Despite substitute Burdol making an appearance last week in place of him, Rascal remains the best overall scoring Top Laner in the league. I fully expect him to return to the lineup this week. With T1 and DK on the schedule, GEN could have some spicy and bloody games, perfect for fantasy points. Take a look at the number of matches where Rascal has reached at least seven kills, and take advantage.

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Peanut – Nongshim RedForce $300,000 (vs AF)

Yup, it’s Peanut again. By now, I shouldn’t have to remind you what a beast he has been in the jungle this split, but it might seem weird to you that I picked him in a week where he only plays one series. That’s because of his consistency. He has not had a win where he dropped below 19 points since July 7 and averaged 31.4 PPW. NS should beat AF this week, so take advantage of his slightly reduced price to get yourself a safe bundle of points.

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Mid Lane

FATE – Liiv SANDBOX $270,000 (vs HLE & BRO)

LSB has two winning matchups this week, and their mid laner is 270k. That’s a crime. FATE is far from the best scorer, but he’s going to win games this weekend, which is the most crucial part. He even threw down two 7+ kill games last week in LSB’s upset win over NS. Have a look into captaining him as well, as Lucian and Ryze almost entirely occupy his arsenal of champion selections in the past few weeks.

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Bot Lane

Prince – Liiv SANDBOX $300,000 (vs HLE & BRO)

LSB has catapulted into sole possession of 3rd place, which is very surprising considering the team missed playoffs in spring. A large part of that has been due to the efforts of Prince, who was featured in my articles a couple of weeks ago and is still the second-highest scoring bot laner in the league. With two exploitable matchups this week in 6-9 HLE and 5-10 BRO, Prince could easily find himself atop the scoring charts in fantasy.

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Keria – T1 $140,000 (vs GEN & DRX)

Keria has been underperforming in terms of scoring recently, but I wouldn’t worry about it much. He has a big series against GEN this week which could feature some 20+ kill games, and he has a free win against DRX to fall back on. In T1’s previous series against GEN and DRX, the team averaged 16 kills per game in each series and won both 2-0. While another 2-0 over GEN isn’t too likely, it’s certainly possible, and the games will be bloody. Perfect for points!


KT Rolster $230,000 (vs DRX)

We are back to the same old strategy of picking the one matchup team to win. That’s all you’re getting from me on this one.

Best Overall Captain: T1 Canna: Gnar & Viego

Canna’s last five games were on either Gnar or Viego, and both are picks he has loved throughout the split. It is a bit unconventional to captain top lane, but hey, safety can often be the name of the game in fantasy.

Risky Captain: LSB Prince: Ezreal & Varus

You might notice that this pair does not include Prince’s most played champion in this split, Jinx. He has favored Varus more recently as he has become more prominent in the meta, and Ezreal has always been a solid pick for him. This will surely be a big week for Prince, and this captain might be just what you need to get that #1 spot.