Fantasy LCK Week 7 Community Picks

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I hope you all weren’t confused by the format changes last week! That will stick around for the rest of the split. This week, it’ll be KT, DRX, DK, and NS with only one match, so keep that in mind. The race for playoffs is heating up quickly, as every team other than DRX has a fighting chance to break into the top 6. As a result, we should see more and more close and crazy games, perfect for racking up those fantasy points.

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Top Lane

Rascal – GEN $290,000 (vs LSB & AF)

Rascal has been, hands down, the best top laner in the LCK this split, both gameplay-wise and fantasy-wise. It’s no surprise he’s the most expensive player in his role every single week, but this week might be a good week to pay the extra money for him. GEN is one of the teams with two matchups, and both are must-win series, as NS has surged into second place and are now only ½ game behind in the standings. Furthermore, Rascal has delivered a game with seven or more kills in each of the past SIX weeks, averaging over 38 points over those games. That is a lot of points. Count on yet another such performance in this crucial week.

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Oner – T1 $280,000 (vs AF & LSB)

Oner stepped into the starting jungle role for T1 last week and was an integral part of their 2-0 week, delivering carry performances with KDA 7/0/6 and 9/3/7. After providing such a dramatic jumpstart to the T1 lineup, the 18-year-old will likely occupy the starting spot again this week. This puts T1 in a prime position for a second straight 2-0 week, as both AF and LSB are lower in the standings than them.

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Mid Lane

Chovy- Hanhwa Life Esports $290,000 (vs KT & BRO)

I hate to have the same pick in back-to-back weeks, but Chovy can be an exception. Both HLE and the LCK community have embraced the “Chovy and four wards” mentality, which sets him up for fantasy success. HLE went on a three-series winning streak before slightly stumbling against title contenders GEN and DK (they did, however, throw down 27 kills in their single victory against GEN). This week, they have a matchup against KT, who are below them in the standings, and BRO, who are just ½ a game above them. I have a strong feeling that Chovy might deliver some more pop-off performances en route to a 2-0 week.

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Bot Lane

Prince – Liiv SANDBOX $280,000 (vs GEN & T1)

Prince is quietly having a fantastic fantasy season thanks to his role as the primary carry for LSB. His 23.0 PPG is second in his position only to Ruler, while his PPW is the highest of all Bot Laners. His price is on the lower end due to LSB’s two tough matchups this week, but they have shown they can compete with the best, and if they manage to find two wins this weekend, which I think is highly probable, Prince will cash in big.

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Vsta – Hanhwa Life Esports $90,000 (vs KT & BRO)

The support with the highest PPW is actually Vsta, by nearly an entire point over the next player. Sure, you could argue that HLE is 4-8, so there aren’t that many games that go into it, but one peek at his match history shows consistently strong fantasy performances over more than just a handful of games. It is likely because when HLE wins, they win with a lot of kills and action. This week, as I mentioned before, HLE has a solid chance to go 2-0, which means that you can easily reap the benefits for just a 90K price tag.


Nongshim RedForce $260,000 (vs BRO)

Last week, I went with the team (LSB) with only one series on their schedule (vs. DRX), but that series was a free win. They scored the highest of any team that week. Let’s run it back with the same strategy, this time with surging, second place team NS against the lowly, seventh place BRO.

Best Overall Captain: T1 Faker: Ryze & Azir

It has been a while since we have seen this guy’s name on a lineup advice article. Yet, I would like to bring your attention to the fact that T1 should go 2-0 this week and that Faker has ripped off six games of Ryze in his past seven. The lone exception was an Azir game, a pick that he has turned to many times historically.

Risky Captain: GEN Ruler: Varus & Kalista

In the past eight games, Ruler has played six games of either Varus or Kalista. That trend might make these choices seem less risky, but keep in mind that neither of these two picks is his most played this split (that would be Jinx), and combined, they don’t even account for 50% of his games. Nonetheless, both champions are strong right now, and GEN needs a 2-0 this week, which I predict they will get.

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