Fantasy LCK Week 6 Community Picks

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More than halfway through LCK! As some of you may have noticed, both Fantasy LCK and the LCK itself will have slightly different formats for the remaining weeks of the split. Some teams will now only play one series per week, so we changed fantasy scoring to top 2. This means that teams that play two series will have a much better chance of scoring high, whereas teams that play one series per week will have slightly lower salaries to compensate. As a result, some of the numbers this week will look a bit weird because top dogs GEN have a one-series week.

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Top Lane

Doran – KT Rolster $240,000 (vs T1 & NS)

Doran has posted one of the best fantasy seasons among top laners this split, with the highest PPW and the second-highest PPG. Unfortunately, KT has not translated that into more than a 4-6 record, and I would favor T1 slightly and NS solidly this weekend. With the new format, though, all KT needs to do is win two games over two series to post good fantasy performances. Doran is a risky pick given his matchups, but you could strike gold in the top lane position if things go your way.

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Peanut – NS RedForce $270,000 (vs DK & KT)

It’s been the Peanut show all season for NS, as he is the highest-scoring jungler and third overall scorer in the LCK. Even though NS plays against a surging DK side, they should keep that series close and take a victory over KT (I predict a 2-1, but 2-0 is equally possible). There are plenty of opportunities for Peanut to put on the carry pants yet again.

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Mid Lane

Chovy- Hanhwa Life Esports $260,000 (vs GEN)

This pick, I understand, is a bit controversial because Chovy has one series this week, not two, and that series is against league-leading GEN. I get it, I get it. But hear me out. HLE has recently shown some glimmers of hope after a downright atrocious start, while GEN has dropped two series in two weeks after starting undefeated. There is certainly a chance for an upset, and if that’s the case, it’ll be because Chovy carried. Despite HLE’s 4-6 start, he is the third-highest scoring Mid Laner, and he just dropped a fat 12/0/2 performance last week. Chovy is a very risky pick but could pay massive dividends at an extremely cheap cost if it works out.

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Bot Lane

Ghost – DAMWON KIA $300,000 (vs NS & T1)

Ghost is back, and DK is, too. After a relatively shaky start, they are 4-1 in their last five series and 9-3 in individual games in that span. While the ghost (haha, get it?) of the substitute, Rahel, still looms over Ghost’s roster spot, he has started every game over the past two weeks, which leaves me to believe he will retain his spot this week. Given those two pieces of information, it’s hard to argue that this team won’t go 2-0 this week, and that means Ghost will put up lots and lots of points.

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Delight – Fredit BRION $60,000 (vs AF & DRX)

Picking support is quite simple, really. Pick the guy from the team that will win, and he should give you something. Delight has DRX on his schedule, which is basically a free win, and he is extremely cheap. He probably won’t post the highest points of his position, but he will give you a solid base and free up a substantial amount of money to upgrade your other positions.


Liiv SANDBOX $230,000 (vs DRX)

The team position in fantasy is probably the position most tied to in-game victories—even more than support. Win and your team will likely score in the 20s; lose, and your team will likely score in the single digits. This means that all you need are two victories from your team, and that will be easy to get with LSB playing against the 1-9 DRX.

Best Overall Captain: DK Showmaker: Leblanc & Lucian

DK found a very straightforward but very effective formula last week in their mid-jungle draft combinations. If you want to play Diana jungle, pick Lucian mid to balance out the damage type, and if you’re going to play anything else Jungle, pick Leblanc to spike your magic burst damage. ShowMaker only played these two champions last week, and given the success that he had, it would be perfectly reasonable to expect him to play them again this week.

Risky Captain: HLE Chovy: Akali & Sylas

If you want to pick Chovy, you have to go all-in and captain him. You just have to. He popped off on Akali last week, so that’s a decent bet, and he also had one victory on Sylas. But keep in mind, Chovy is famous for his champion ocean. There is a chance that he whips out Sion Mid again or something else that’s equally ridiculous and leaves you with no bonus points.

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