Fantasy LCK Week 5 Community Picks

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Happy Fourth of July to the Americans out there, and happy Week 5 of LCK! We have some roster changes for DK and DRX to shake things up, and DK has just ended GEN’s hopes for an undefeated season. With the race for playoffs tight as ever, it’s going to be another crazy week.

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Top Lane

Hoya – FREDIT Brion $230,000 (vs DRX & KT)

At this point in the season, sitting at 0-8 and swapping out three players this week, DRX is essentially a free win. BRO has shown flashes of greatness but thus far have not been able to string together many series wins. Nonetheless, they are certainly good enough to beat DRX and could take a game off of KT. Hoya is one of the best performing members fantasy-wise on BRO and will be a solid budget option.

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Dread – Afreeca Freecs $270,000 (vs NS & LSB)

AF has two tossups scheduled for this week, as they are tied in the standings with both NS and LSB at 5-3. But NS just dropped a surprise series to the struggling HLE, so I would slightly favor AF in that series. Yes, AF did lose to LSB earlier this season, but that was a close 2-1 and can easily be flipped around. Dread has been one of the more consistent players in the league this split, so he is a safe pick with a potential for a 2-0 week.

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Mid Lane

ShowMaker- DAMWON KIA $320,000 (vs LSB & HLE)

It’s been some time since we’ve seen this guy in a fantasy article, even though he is in the thumbnail photo. DK has been a little bit up and down this split, far from their 16-2 dominance of spring, but they just came off of a convincing 2-0 victory over GEN, and I think they are starting to find themselves. Despite the bot lane issues in DK, ShowMaker will play, whether it’s mid or bot, and I favor DK in both of their matchups this week.

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Bot Lane

deokdam – NS RedForce $290,000 (vs AF & T1)

I did say earlier in the article that I think AF will edge out NS. But that doesn’t mean NS won’t go down in a fight. Plus, they beat T1 2-0 earlier in the split, and I think they will beat them again. In that case, trust deokdam to be a strong point-scorer for you in the Bot Lane. You may notice that his points have been lower recently, but against T1, who tend to play bloodier games, that should change.

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Harp – KT Rolster $110,000 (vs HLE & BRO)

KT has been on fire in fantasy, even though they are 3-5 in the actual LCK. I’m certainly a huge fan of theirs, at least from a fantasy perspective. However, this week they play against two teams that I would rate as clearly worse than them, even though they are tied in the standings. With Harp’s very high PPW, you can take advantage.


Afreeca Freecs $260,000 (vs NS & LSB)

As I said before, I have a good feeling that AF can go 2-0 this week. Even if they don’t, they will almost certainly win three games. You should grab them since they are the lowest price for a team that I predict will go 2-0.

Best Overall Captain: GEN Ruler: Jinx & Ezreal

We can write off GEN’s loss to DK as a one-off and say that they will return to their winning ways this week against T1 and DRX. If you are willing to pay the hefty price, Ruler is one of the best point-scoring options there are and has played Jinx or Ezreal in over half of his games.

Risky Captain: DK Canyon: Rumble & Viego

Jungle Canyon is back! Well, probably. The risk here is if he gets swapped back to mid for some reason, even though I believe that is unlikely. Rumble has been a staple pick of the jungle this split, and if Canyon is going jungle, he will pick Rumble at some point. Fortunately, Viego is both a mid laner and a jungler, as Canyon has played him in both roles, so that pick offers some insurance.

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