Fantasy LCK Week 4 Community Picks

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This LCK season is already nothing short of a banger. Three weeks in, there are six teams within one game of each other in the standings, and a surprising new contender seems to emerge every week. Last week, that team was BRO, who took down DK and NS, both of which were upsets, for a 2-0 week. With the Telecom Wars (T1 vs. KT) and a rematch of the Spring Final (GEN vs. DK) set for this week, what more do we have in store? As usual, I’ll be here to guide you through the madness.

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Top Lane

Summit – Liiv SANDBOX $230,000 (vs AF & DRX)

Summit has been sitting at single-digit ownership all split, and it is time to change that. The matchup against AF will be a tough one for LSB, but they have already proven they can hang with the best, sweeping T1 and taking a game of GEN. And DRX is winless, and quite frankly, that probably won’t change this week. What’s more, LSB sits at three wins through three weeks, half of their entire Spring Split win tally of 6. Summit will prove to be a cheap but valuable option in the top lane with a prime opportunity for three wins this weekend.

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Peanut – NS RedForce $310,000 (vs DK & HLE)

Peanut has been on an absolute tear this split and leads me to believe that he is finding his form from 2016 and 2017. He is outpacing all starting junglers with 25.8 PPG and 33.8 PPW, staking his claim as the main carry for this NS squad that has far exceeded expectations and is tied for second place. With a DK team reeling from roleswaps and a struggling HLE team on the schedule, expect nothing short of mastery from Peanut.

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Mid Lane

Dove- KT Rolster $290,000 (vs T1 & BRO)

If you picked Dove last week, you really cashed in on something special. He scored the most points of any player in the league, combining for a ridiculous 27 kills and 128 points in the three games scored. He is now the highest-scoring mid laner in the league. KT might be at 2-4 and facing two opponents above them in the standings, but their fantasy potential, especially Dove’s, is about as appealing as Dove Chocolate.

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Bot Lane

Ruler – GENG $340,000 (vs BRO & DK)

Sometimes, in a tumultuous split such as this one, your best option is to pick the one constant, and that one constant is GEN winning. They sit at the top with a perfect 6-0 record, with Ruler leading the way as the highest-scoring bot laner in the league. The price tag might be daunting, but it will be well worth it when Ruler delivers you two more wins and a boatload of points this week.

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Keria – T1 $120,000 (vs KT & AF)

T1 has two very close matchups this week, but Keria stands tall above the rest of the support position in one key way: he is not nearly as win-dependent as the others. His PPL is almost 10 points higher than the next starting Support, which tells me that even if T1 loses, Keria plays well, and the team keeps the games close and on the bloodier side. So even if T1 wins fewer than three games this weekend (which I think is unlikely), Keria should be able to deliver you three good fantasy performances.


Fredit Brion $190,000 (vs GEN & KT)

I look at BRO’s schedule this weekend, and I expect they will go 0-2. But if this team has shown me anything in the last week, it’s to expect the unexpected. They just came off of a 2-0 week that came out of nowhere. So what do they have planned for this week?

Best Overall Captain: NS deokdam: Ezreal & Varus

So far, deokdam has had a very nice split, playing a major role in NS’s burst of success to put them in a tie for second place. He seems to love his Ezreal and Varus, having played them in all but four games this split. With NS having a relatively favorable schedule this week, deokdam should be a solid pick, as well as an easy captain.

Risky Captain: KT Dove: Sett & Ryze

If you pick Dove, as I suggested, consider going all-in on his point potential. He’s played loads of Sett and Ryze this split, including all five of his games last week, but has had quite a variety before that. If his performance is anything like last week’s, you could easily grab an extra 50 or 60 points by getting his captain picks correct.

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