Fantasy LCK Week 3 Community Picks

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It is now two weeks into the LCK season, and we are down to one remaining undefeated team, GEN. The fireworks keep on coming, with DK benching Ghost, LSB’s shocking 2-0 week against T1 and HLE, and the emergence of early dark horse title contenders AF and NS. So once again, we should be in for an exciting week.

As a side note: T1 and HLE both have a very easy schedule of BRO and LSB, so their players are great picks this week. For this article, I’ll be highlighting other value players, not on those teams.

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Top Lane

Doran – KT Rolster $250,000 (vs DRX & LSB)

KT might be 1-3, but all three of their losses (to AF, NS, and GEN) were close 2-1 series, and they beat spring champions DK convincingly, 2-0. They play DRX, who have been the epitome of unimpressive this summer, and LSB, who, despite their 2-0 week, leave me with questions about their strength as a team. I have confidence in KT to go 2-0, and that means Doran will give you a lot of value at a low price.

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Malrang – DAMWON KIA $290,000 (vs BRO & HLE)

DK subbed in Malrang last week in favor of Ghost, and while his position is not entirely set in stone, I predict that he will be starting again this week. If that’s the case, this is probably the cheapest a DK jungler will be all split. With a very easy matchup against BRO and HLE struggling out of the gate, this should be a 2-0 for DK. Last week, DK got more kills than their usual low totals, including an 11 kill game for Malrang, so there is good upside here as well. You could maybe even consider him as a captain, as he played 3 out of 4 games of Rumble.

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Mid Lane

Gori – NS Redforce $280,000 (vs T1 & BRO)

All aboard the NS hype train! NS’s level of play this split has been at a surprising height, and are tied for second place in the LCK at 3-1. T1 will be a pretty tough matchup for them, but NS was able to take a game off of GEN last week, so they should be able to compete with T1. And again, BRO should be pretty close to a free win. A 280k Mid Laner with these kinds of matchups offers the perfect combination of cheap value and upside.

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Bot Lane

Teddy – T1 $310,000 (vs NS & DRX)

Teddy has been a rock in the Bot Lane for T1, boasting the highest points per game of his role and being the primary carry for his team. Expect a close, bloody series against NS (I slightly favor T1, but the series could go either way) and an easy win over DRX. Teddy will lead the charge for T1 and could be a solid captain, too, seeing that he has played only three unique champions this split.

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Harp – KT Rolster $100,000 (vs DRX & LSB)

For reasons that you can and should bug Lewis about, Harp was not available last week. But this week, he belongs on the Picks article. What gives? Since KT subbed in Harp and beat DK 2-0, KT has flipped a switch. Harp ranks second in points per game for support, and KT has an impressive 60% win rate against the two finalists from spring, DK and GEN. As mentioned previously, I expect KT to go 2-0, and with Harp racking up at least 12 assists in three different games this split, he could easily be the highest scoring support this week.


Afreeca Freecs $240,000 (vs HLE & GEN)

Call it a fluke, call it whatever you want, but after finishing dead last in spring, AF is tied for second at 3-1. They are ranked third for total points among teams. They have a tough week ahead of them, as HLE is struggling but should not be written off just yet, and GEN is undefeated. But I think AF is up to the task and can give you three winning games this week. Since we take scores from the best three games, that’s all you need out of your team slot.

Best Overall Captain: GEN Clid: Diana & Volibear

Except for two games in the first series of the split, Clid has only played two champions: Diana and Volibear. Seeing that GEN are 4-0, that formula seems to be working for them, so look for them to keep picking these champions. It doesn’t really get safer than this with your captain, especially in a meta where every other role has such diversity.

Risky Captain: DK ShowMaker: Ezreal & Kai’sa

You want risky? Well, I’ll give you risky. ShowMaker role swapped to Bot Lane for one week, and while he’s still listed under Mid, I think Ghost will still be out this week, which means another week of ShowMaker ADC. The guy literally admitted in an interview that DK was playing for fun, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t trends in his champion picks. He played two games of Ezreal, which is both a popular pick and the classic “auto-filled mid” Bot Lane pick. He showed off his Kai’sa and Kalista, as well, and I give the slight edge to Kai’sa because she is a little more popular and seen as a stronger pick.

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