Fantasy LCK Week 2 Community Picks

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Week 1 was a spicy one; as KT swept MSI finalists DK, AF might finally be playing at the form that everyone expected them to, and NS produced one of the most favorable all-around fantasy performances ever seen. Will Week 2 be able to match the drama and fireworks?

As a side note: T1 and HLE both have a very easy schedule of BRO and LSB, so their players are great picks this week. For this article, I’ll be highlighting other value players, not on those teams.

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Top Lane

Khan – DAMWON KIA $290,000 (vs AF & DRX)

Gone are the days of Khan being stuck on Sion duty every game. With the top lane meta shifting towards carry threat champions such as the newly-released Gwen and Viego, as well as Akali, Nocturne, and Gangplank, to name a few examples, Khan has picked up the fantasy scoring. In DK’s 2-1 series win against T1, Khan averaged over 29 points per game. The KT series was a bit rough, but come on, you don’t expect DK to be upset again, do you?

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Peanut – NS RedForce $260,000 (vs DRX & GEN)

As part of NS’s massive Week 1 performance, Peanut threw down two 40+ point performances in one week and had at least 75% KP in 5 out of 6 games. Even though DRX and GEN are both difficult matchups, I fully expect this team to continue their strong form and contend with the best, winning at least one series. And if that is the case, Peanut will undoubtedly be at the center of the action.

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Mid Lane

Dove- KT Rolster $260,000 (vs GEN & AF)

In both of KT’s wins against DK, Dove was the team’s kill leader and did not die a single time. Dove has a very abusable lane matchup against AF Fly this week, and KT will look to build on the momentum from their upset of DK when they play against another top team, GEN. I would not be surprised if Dove is near the top of the league in points per game yet again.

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Bot Lane

Ruler – GENG $330,000 (vs KT & NS)

After seeing an NS player and a KT player in this article, it might be surprising to see a common opponent from GEN next on the list. But Ruler is one of the best Bot Laners in the world, and because KT and NS are in strong form, that will make their series against GEN bloody and point-heavy. Look to Ruler, and specifically his Ezreal, to be the shining star of those games.

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Lehends – AF $80,000 (vs DK & KT)

AF finished 10th place in spring. That’s right, dead last. But they came out of the gates with guns blazing, starting with a 2-0 week, thanks to some nice play from their Bot Lane duo of Leo and Lehends. The KT series should be a close one, and DK could easily drop one game in that series, so Lehends could provide some good value. Moreover, AF played a good amount of Fasting Senna, which means Lehends might be able to squeeze out some extra points from CSing.


FNS RedForce $200,000 (vs DRX & GEN)

After a 2-0 week, NS’s price just dropped $70,000. You read that right. If you’re in on the hype, this is a value you cannot miss.

Best Overall Captain: T1 Teddy: Ezreal & Kalista

Teddy’s Kalista is legendary in the LCK, and he picked the champion three times last week. Don’t be surprised to see him go back to the comfort pick again this week. Moreover, Ezreal is incredibly popular now in all leagues worldwide and is close to must-captain status for Bot Laners.

Risky Captain: GEN BDD: Akali & Sylas

BDD went 3-0 on Akali last week, averaging an impressive 31.8 points per game in those three games. You’ve got to pick Akali. The problem is, it’s hard to pin down another champion for him. He plays a lot of Sylas, Irelia, and Yasuo in solo queue (in addition to a Sylas game on stage last week), played Azir once last week, plus the Mid Lane meta is bursting with flex picks like Gwen, Viego, Lee Sin, Nocturne, and even Sett. And don’t forget your control mages like Orianna and Viktor.

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