Fantasy LCK Spring Quarterfinals Picks

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Let’s get right down to business. Whether you are playing to win the F2P Cup, 1v1 Challenge, or taking on a Squad Battle, we all are after the W. We can even make some money on the way. So let’s take a look and see which players can be the biggest value, and who is most deserving of your Captain Crown.

* Signifies an opponent that they only get to play if they win their first series

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Top Lane

T1 Canna 2021 Split 1

Canna – T1 $260,000 (vs DRX & GEN/DK*)

Canna has by far the most points per win out of the starters this week. He’s proven to score well on both tanks and carries, time and again. With a series against a DRX where T1 is favored, count on lots of points from Canna.

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Hle Yohan 2021 Split 1

YoHan – Hanwha Life $270,000 (vs NS & GEN/DK*)

Don’t be scared away by his low points per game. The bottom line is that HLE plays NS, a team that 7-11, 5 whole games behind HLE. Expect an easy series win from HLE.

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Mid Lane

T1 Faker 2021 Split 1

Faker – T1 $300,000 (vs DRX & GEN/DK*)

Since returning to the starting lineup, Faker has averaged 26.58 points per game in a 7-2 stretch. There is no reason that kind of form slows down against DRX, a team that T1 just beat 2-0 on 3/19.

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Bot Lane

Ghost Damwon gaming

Ghost – DWG Kia $290,000 (vs 1 of HLE/NS/T1/DRX)

He may only have one series, but like there is no chance he is losing that. He is the player in the most powerful position for the most powerful team, and the price doesn’t reflect that. Pick him.

LoL Support Icon


Hle Vsta 2021 Split 1

Vsta – Hanwha Life $90,000 (vs NS & GEN/DK*)

90k for a likely winning support is a steal, period. Use this pick to free up extra money to spend elsewhere.


T1logo Square

T1 $240,000 (vs DRX & GEN/DK)

T1 is back! Since (finally) setting their starting lineup, T1 has been in excellent form, taking down HLE and DRX, both teams that were above them in the standings. Now with another series against DRX, expect T1 to take the series win, at a cheap price of 240k.

Best Overall Captain: GEN Clid: Olaf & Udyr

Clid Olaf Udyr captain picks 2021

You want predictability for your Captain. Well nothing gets more predictable than opening a Player Card and seeing only Udyr & Olaf for his last 7 Games Played. The upside may not be as high as some Bots or Mids, but this is a safety play, with knowing that the player talent can bring the upside.

Risky Captain: T1 Faker: Viktor & Zoe

Faker Viktor Zoe Captain Picks

It’s Faker! Of course you can Captain Faker! We know the G.O.A.T. brings major upside, but his Champion pool has gotten more predictable lately too, which is perfect for you! He has mixed in Seraphine lately, but Viktor and Zoe is what you hope he plays.

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