Fantasy Guide to NLC Fall Open

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E1 Fantasy has partnered with the NLC to bring an exclusive fantasy League of Legends experience to the fans! You can play fantasy for free and compete for prizes during all of the Group Stage and Playoffs of the NLC Fall Open 2020. 


About NLC

The Northern League of Legends Championship (NLC) is an exciting, new league format that highlights the best teams from the National Leagues of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, as well teams from the UKLC and Iceland. Not only will you find new players and teams to support, but also familiar faces of players from the European Masters 2020 event. Players are competing for a chance at the prize money and to make a reputation for themselves on a major stage!

What is E1 Fantasy?

The E1 Fantasy platform brings together a unique DFS-style and real-time stats to make your competitive League of Legends watching experience even better!

During each stage of the NLC Fall Open, you will be able to create a brand new lineup of players with your $1.5 million Salary Cap. Your lineup consists of one player from each position and a team, with each having their own salary. Your goal? To draft the players you think will perform the best, while staying under the Salary Cap, and claiming the crown as the first-ever winner of E1 Fantasy NLC.

To learn more about fantasy rules and scoring, click here.

Schedule and Format

The NLC Fall Open is composed of 16 teams who qualified through the NLC Qualifiers or performed well in their region’s Summer Split. In addition to bragging rights, a prize pool of 24,000 EUR is at stake, making the victory even sweeter!

The Main Event will begin on Nov. 5, with the Group Stage which is played as a Best-of-3 GSL format. If you are not familiar with this format, it ensures the two best teams from each group advance to the next round. Playoffs will start on Nov. 12 and will be played as a single elimination Best-of-3 bracket, that culminates with a Best-of-5 Grand Finals match.

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