Fantasy CBLOL Week 9 Community Picks

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Last week was a banger. RNS upset a faltering FLA who have seemingly started trolling since they got their playoffs spot locked in, giving them a second wind in the playoff picture. RED also caused a massive upset over the (at the time) first-place team VXL, and PNG rises from the shadows to obtain the throne amongst the standings. But to be honest, this week doesn’t matter for anyone. This week will mostly be the top six teams battling for seeding, with the bottom four teams with no hope of playoff contention. Expect some hilarious games to ensue due to this.

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Top Lane

SkB – INTZ $190,000 (vs VXL & FUR)

ITZ has only five wins this split, putting them far away from playoff contention; they will mostly be playing for fun. I don’t think there is any world where they beat VXL despite all this, but FUR is the worst team in the league; this game will be a bloody fiesta of two teams trying to out-troll each other. I will not be surprised if this game is a 45 minute game with a Teemo vs. Yuumi top exceeding 70 games, with ITZ winning in the end. A hell of a bargain, considering this opens you up to any pick you want in the league.

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CarioK – paiN Gaming $320,000 (vs NM & KBM)

Don’t let the PPW fool you; over the past three weeks, he has averaged around 40 points per win, with a five-win streak. That is insane. This trend will most definitely continue as he flexes his seemingly endless champion ocean vs. two teams way out of playoff contention. There is a world where PNG plays for fun and trolls, but I honestly think that no matter how much they troll and no matter how much these teams tryhard, PNG will always win in the end.

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Mid Lane

Avenger – RED Canids $320,000 (vs FUR & FNS)

I pick this player with a heavy heart; I really can’t stand this team. They are middle of the pack. They play so randomly, picking up the most random wins and losing stupidly for no reason, making them impossible to predict. However, the fact that I, out of all people, are recommending this pick is enough reason to pick him. $320,000 is a hefty price tag, but they are facing another bloody team in RNS as well as a free game handed to them. Expect anything out of the latter game, but I would say it’s heavily RED-favoured.

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Bot Lane

DudsTheBoy – LOUD $280,000 (vs RNS & FLA)

🙂 .
Ok for real, I have already described this pick’s merits seven times over. This week they face two other teams fighting for a playoff seed. Expect two massacres.

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Damage – Rensga Esports $80,000 (vs LLL & RED)

You probably think I’m crazy picking this team after my previous picks. However, RNS is out for blood. They have dismantled every top team at least once this split; these teams are the only ones left to complete their trophy collection of bounty huntings. RNS has emerged as an underdog this split, holding the same standing as RED and being only one game below LLL. RNS will be a team to watch this week, and $80,000 is reasonable for the risk this pick bears.


paiN Gaming $270,000 (vs NM & KBM)

I already explained this pick earlier for CarioK; they’re the best team in the league, standing-wise facing two of the worst teams in the league way out of playoff contention. Team positions care the least about bloody games and more about securing wins, so this is your best bet.

Best Overall Captain: VXL Kraestyl: Irelia & Renekton

VXL gets two free wins this week, and Kraestyl has been one tricking melee mids exclusively. CBLOL, especially Kraestyl, has been loving Renekton and has also shown some of the Irelia with this new patch, so these are good bets to make.

Risky Captain: RED Titan: Ezreal & Kai’sa

9 games, 6 different champs. Insane PPW, with stretched-out games. The only champs he played more than once were Ezreal and Kai’sa. Pick with at your discretion, but there’s potential for over 90 points

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