Fantasy CBLOL Week 8 Community Picks

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This week is crazy. At the top, VXL’s status as the top team will be tested by two of the teams fighting for that very position in LLL and RED, and RED, hungry for their title amongst the top in the league, will set out to create a bloodbath in their matches against VXL and PNG. Overall, the top of the league should be an unpredictable mess, reciprocated in the extremely tight salaries. We can’t even count on FLA to deliver consistent results, as they have lost four out of their last five games to top and bottom teams alike, so who knows what will happen to them? In other news, RNS seems to be making a resurgence with their recent bloody victory against VXL, so God knows what will happen this week.

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Top Lane

Kiari – Rensga Esports $210,000 (vs FUR & FLA)

With FUR looking like the worst team in the league, thus a free win, $210,000 for a 1-1 at worst is a steal. This pick will open up the board to allow you access to pretty much any player you desire by itself. This is without mentioning FLA’s floundering form and RNS’s potential to upset any team in the league. RNS can potentially snag a quick 2-0 week, all for a budget pricing.

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Yampi – Vorax Liberty $320,000 (vs LLL & RED)

Need I say anything about this guy? Highest PPG, highest PPW, and despite being a jungler, he almost outstats the other carries on his team. In other words, if you’re thinking about cashing out for a guy from VXL, this is your best bet to cash out on the reapings of the best team in the league as they attempt to solidify their spot as #1 in the league.

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Mid Lane

Tutsz- Flamengo Esports $320,000 (vs NM & FNS)

Let’s be real here. FLA is looking awful. They have lost four out of their last five games, but if there’s any game they don’t lose, I hope for the sake of CBLOL, it’s not NM. If they manage to beat a re-emerging NM, they should be clear favorites in the game against RNS. Overall, this is a risky pick, I admit, and maybe 320k might not be a price you might be willing to pay for a risky choice. However, with the recency bias goggles aside, all FLA needs to do to regain their past form is not toy around with the teams and draft what got them their 8-0 standing in the first place. If they manage to do this to even the slightest degree, they should easily crush these two bottom feeders, and the price will be well worth it.

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Bot Lane

Disave – KaBuM! e-Sports $280,000 (vs ITZ & NM)

KBM is also a team struggling lately; having gone on an eight-loss streak, this team appears to be in dire straits. However, this is a statement week for KBM, so this team will be more bloodthirsty than ever before; this week alone may either be their second wind or their inevitable downfall. And with this in mind, Disave is looking to be this team’s only saving grace, having boasted major carry performance whenever they win, and whenever they lose, he looks kind of like Chovy in HLE this split… #nottheproblem. With this in mind, Disave is definitely a player to look at for this week.

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Luci – paiN Gaming $100,000 (vs RED & ITZ)

PaiN proved their mettle last week, managing to conquer LLL, who I have been hyping up over and over again. If they managed to beat LLL, RED is far from a problem; if anything, they are just decorations to pad out PNG’s fantasy points. ITZ shall not be a problem, and with how win-dependent this role is, a quick 2-0 will be the primary separator from other supports.


paiN Gaming $270,000 (vs RED & ITZ)

I have already explained this pick; as one of the top teams in the league, they are essentially looking to keep RED in their place (maybe even knocking them below RNS) and use ITZ as a springboard to contest VXL.

Best Overall Captain: KBM Evrot: Zoe & Ryze

Over the past three weeks, Evrot has done nothing but pick these champs; he has pulled out others in the past, but it looks like KBM might stick to this game plan. This safety is strengthened considering KBM should have an easy week but given their recent performance, who knows

Risky Captain: LLL DudsTheBoy: Kalista & Aphelios

You can run, you can hide, but I will always put this guy in my articles. DudsTheBoy has been playing pretty much these champions exclusively for the past few weeks; however, this pick is risky because of the teams they face. VXL will definitely prove a different matchup for them, but their match against RED can go either way; honestly, I’m leaning towards LLL slightly. However, there are so many question marks around this pick to ascertain the risk, albeit the potential high reward.

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