Fantasy CBLOL Week 7 Community Picks

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Top Lane

Tay – LOUD $240,000 (vs KBM & PNG)

I said this last week already, but ALL ABOARD THE LLL HYPE TRAIN! Despite their shortcomings of the previous split, LLL is shaping up to be a top contender, rocking an impressive six-game win-streak; they are finally living up to their brand as the most popular team in CBLOL. They will be taking on KBM and PNG; although we didn’t see KBM perform YET this week, the teams they face are simply a different beast to LLL. However, their match vs. PNG seems to be a 50/50. However, regardless of the outcome, this game will be bloody. For $240,0000, this pick is a steal.

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Ranger – Flamengo Esports $320,000 (vs ITZ & FUR)

After their embarrassing 3-game loss streak (admittedly against the near best teams in CBLOL right now but alas), their price has decreased slightly to allow them to be at the very least pickable. However, although they’re on a bit of a cold streak lately, do you expect them to lose to the dead bottom teams in CBLOL? I didn’t think so either. He is the highest cost in the jungle position tied with Aegis, but I believe it is worth the price.

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Mid Lane

Krastyel- Vorax Liberty $300,000 (vs FUR & RNS)

VXL is coming off of a decisive 2-0, so considering they are up against these two middling teams, picking VXL as a whole should be a no-brainer. I choose Kraestyl precisely because although in the past he has shown more of a supportive playstyle towards the team, he has gravitated to more of an all-in playstyle recently, which should elevate his points by quite a bit given he keeps up with this pace. However, he is not the highest salary mid laner for a reason; there might be a possibility this guy ditches everything he did last week, goes back to Lulu and Karma, and ends up 2/3/7 again. Regardless, his reliability alone should be enough to justify the purchase this week for his cost.

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Bot Lane

Matsukaze – Vorax Liberty $300,000 (vs FUR & RNS)

Don’t worry guys. I am not being held hostage. Out of six weeks of my article writing, this is the 2nd time I have not recommended DudsTheBoy as your main ADC pick… because I plan to include him elsewhere in the article :). In all seriousness, though, VXL has the freest week of their life; after beating FLA and PNG, these teams are not even in the same league as them comparatively. Further beyond that, Matsukaze has increased his points per win drastically over the past two weeks; it could be either due to the tough matchups they overcame or because of a shift in playstyle. I’m hoping for the latter, as this shift has caused him to have the highest points per game among all ADCs. Pick this guy up and rejoice in the free points.

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Luci – paiN Gaming $90,000 (vs RNS & LLL)

If you believe in Pain Gaming, this is probably the pick for you; relatively budget, decent 2-0 potential, and has recently been scoring many points compared to his earlier weeks. Not much to say about this pick, really; it’s simply the most reasonable pick to go for if you want to sprinkle some PNG into your lineup.


LOUD $200,000 (vs KBM & PNG)

Just like my life as a whole, the rest of CBLOL keeps taking L after L after L, while LLL keeps winning (see what I did there?). If you believe in LLL to continue their six-game win streak and beat the leading team contesting them for 3rd place, then this is the pick for you.

Best Overall Captain: LLL DudsTheBoy: Kalista & Aphelios

You already knew this was coming. DudsTheBoy has been playing pretty much these champions exclusively for the past few weeks; considering their different playstyles, it seems like LLL has used these two picks to build around their entire team comp. Expect these two ADC’s to be picked up 100%.

Risky Captain: PNG CarioK: Diana & Nocturne

If you’re picking this guy, you are obligated to captain him; he has the highest points relative to the league on his team. However, a problem arises when you look at his champs. In the past three weeks, he has played Gragas, Rumble, Diana, and Nocturne. However, based on recent games, he has played many more Diana games than the rest, Gragas was ages ago, and the meta has pushed out Rumble from the jungle more or less; however, it is CBLOL after all. Diana and Nocturne will most likely be picked, but anything can happen

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