Fantasy CBLOL Week 6 Community Picks

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What the heck happened last week? FLA dropped their first loss (to LLL, no less), FUR went 0-2 despite all odds, and NM got more wins this week than they have ever achieved the whole split on a roster that seemed destined to go 1-17. Furthermore, LLL came out on top this week despite having one of the most challenging weeks they have ever had. Hopefully, some order will be restored to the chaos this week, not only throughout CBLOL but throughout the entirety of competitive league, as even LCK and LEC had a bizarre week. Therefore, I am here to give you the picks of the week that are most likely to net you a positive result.

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Top Lane

Tay – LOUD $260,000 (vs ITZ & NM)

LLL has been on a tear lately; if they managed to beat RED and FLA, ITZ and NM should not be a problem. Those teams’ wins were mostly due to an abysmal showing by FUR rather than a complete turnaround of those two teams. Last week, Tay proved to be a crucial part of LLL’s wins and is looking to do so again.

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Croc – Rensga Esports $270,000 (vs NM & KBM)

If we look at last week’s points, Croc outscored most junglers, including Mewkyo, whose team went 2-0. The ones above him, RED and VRX, now face FLA, so two of those three teams will be dropping one game for sure. He also has the highest PPW in the league for junglers, so despite the risky nature of picking RNS into KBM, this is a high-quality budget pick that will net you some points for sure.

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Mid Lane

Yuri- Rensga Esports $280,000 (vs NM & KBM)

I am doubling down on this pick. As the poster boy of RNS, he’s had high-scoring games regardless of win or loss; last week, he had the second-highest points among mid laners despite his team going 1-1. Their match against NM should again be an easy one, but anything can happen versus KBM. The last time I picked him against KBM, I regretted my decision, but KBM has not won a single game so far since then. This match can go either way; a bloodbath of 2 mid-low tier teams.

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Bot Lane

DudsTheBoy – LOUD $327,000 (vs ITZ & NM)

If you follow my articles, you know how much I love DudsTheBoy; he has never proven me wrong, as time and time again, he consistently racks up more points than anyone else provided he has the resources to carry. This man is the primary carry of LLL; let him be yours.

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Ceos – LOUD $110,000 (vs ITZ & NM)

DudsTheBoy and Ceos are mostly a package deal, so everything positive about the former carries on to the latter. With some of the easiest matches this week, LLL is shaping up to be a legitimate contender for the top spots; ride the wave before their value appreciates. This pick is a bit pricey, but I think it’s completely worth it.


paiN Gaming $280,000 (vs VRX & FUR)

Although the individual players in this team are low-scorers compared to other players, the overall team’s points prevail. They are taking on two teams significantly weakened by last week’s performance; if there is ever a time where they beat these teams, it’s this week.

Best Overall Captain: LLL Dynquedo: Lee Sin & Sylas

In the first weeks of CBLOL, Dynquedo seemed to be a passive mid laner, but he has picked up more and more aggressive picks from then on. He is currently a Lee Sin one trick, so that choice is relatively simple. However, the other pick is a combination of a meta read and his personal preference. LB vs. Sylas seems to be an incredibly common matchup at the moment, and he seems to prefer the Sylas side of it.

Risky Captain: RED TitaN: Ezreal & Jinx

This pick alone is very risky; he is up against FLA. The silver lining is that they just showed a crack in their armor in their loss against LLL; this could either be an anomaly or the downfall of a god. Regardless, their match against ITZ should be an absolute stomp. Ezreal is both meta and a pick he enjoys, while Jinx is his likely pick against ITZ due to its snowbally nature and his history on the champ.

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