Fantasy CBLOL Week 4 Community Picks

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I feel like this meme describes CBLOL well right now, ‘nuff said.

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Top Lane

Tyrin – FURIA Esports $260,000 (vs ITZ & NM)

This man is by far the best on his team, especially when looking at his point potential in his wins. FUR also turns out to have a really easy schedule this week, so picking any of FUR, in general, should be easy points for you.

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Yampi – Vorax Liberty $320,000 (vs NM & KBM)

Yampi has been on a tear lately, absolutely demolishing teams by himself. He earns as much PPG as Ranger, who sits at 30.2, and this week, he is looking to dismantle some of the bottom teams again. The price is quite hefty, but he can secure you well over 60 points by himself.

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Mid Lane

Yuri- Rensga Esports $270,000 (vs RED & ITZ)

This pick is spicy. RNS should definitely slap down ITZ, but RED will probably prove to be a formidable opponent given their current form. Still, both of these teams are extremely volatile; anything can happen in this matchup. Expect a bloodbath for this game regardless of the outcome; however, compared to RED’s mid counterpart, Yuri might prove to be a better value for money.

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Bot Lane

ST3PZ – FURIA Esports $270,000 (vs ITZ & NM)

Two words: Point Machine. His PTS/W are through the roof, sitting at 37.4, and I foresee FUR to go 2-0 this week. This pick will probably net you around 75 points easily on its own.

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Jojo – RED Canids $110,000 (vs RBS & LLL)

If you believe RED will defeat RNS, this is the pick to go. Jojo has the 2nd highest pts per win, at 28. If RED beats RNS, they can then move on to face LLL for another bloody match. Regardless, a lot of points are on the line for Jojo and his team.


Vorax Liberty – $280,000 (vs NM & KBM)

I expect VXL to go 2-0 this week, and for the price the team is, that is a steal in and of itself. Furthermore, this is the best VXL pick to go for as they score the highest pts/g compared to their peers in this slot, so value skyrockets.

Best Overall Captain: VXL Matsukaze: Kai’sa & Varus

Matsukaze is the rock of his team, playing weak side when he needs to and outputting damage from afar. However, he can also quickly shift to become the main carry for his team. He has played Kai’sa and Varus pretty much exclusively, so this is a safe bet for the most part.

Risky Captain: VXL Yampi: Rumble & Sejuani

This guy has played literally nothing but Rumble whenever it was available; when it wasn’t, he went for niche picks such as Jarvan and Sejuani. Rumble is an obvious pick, but it might get banned or picked away from him; at that point, it’s a coinflip between Jarvan, Sejuani, or maybe some new pick like Volibear.

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