Fantasy CBLOL Week 3 Community Picks

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The past weeks of CBLOL have proven that most games are unpredictable and volatile; most are bloody and action-packed, with no clear winner. This week’s main matches are RED vs. VXL and RNS vs. LLL, both of which should be exciting.

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Top Lane

Robo – paiN Gaming $290,000 (vs ITZ & NM)

This week, PNG has the easiest schedule; however, they rarely rack up many points compared to other bloodier teams. Having said that, Robo should be able to net you anywhere between 40 to 60 points easily. His cost is hefty but worth it.

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Yampi – Vorax Liberty $290,000 (vs RED & ITZ)

If you are rooting for VXL, he should be the first person you consider. He is the highest scorer and a viable captain, given his predictable champion pool of Sejuani, Jarvan, Rumble. Personally, I believe VXL will beat RED, and thus is a safer option. However, it’s a toss-up.

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Mid Lane

Avenger – RED Canids $320,000 (vs VXL & FUR)

If you’re a RED believer, he is by far the highest scorer on the team, hence his price tag. RED will either go 1-1 or 2-0 this week, depending on the VXL game, but if RED manages to beat VXL, this pick alone will most likely net you a top 20 scoring. His high price can either be the best purchase of the team or better spent on other picks, so if you like taking risks, this is the pick for you.

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Bot Lane

DudsTheBoy – LOUD $290,000 (vs FUR & RNS)

Three things in life are certain: Death, taxes, and LLL to have long, drawn-out games. Actually, four things with the inclusion of LLL playing for their bot lane. Furthermore, they have an actual competitive week against FUR and RNS; LLL has a way to take down both of them, although RNS might prove to be a bit of an upswing. Regardless, this guy is guaranteed to give you at least a competitive amount of points, and at most, will get you between 80 to 100 points. If you’re going to pick him, it’s in your best interest to captain him on Kai’sa and Varus/Ezreal, depending on personal meta read.

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Ceos – LOUD $80,000 (vs FUR & RNS)

The same reasoning as my pick for the bot lane is used here with the bonus that Ceos has gained more points on losses than on victories. Picking Ceos will serve as a safety net if LLL goes 1-1; you earn generous points about whether LLL wins and comes at a reasonable price.


Vorax Liberty $270,000 (vs RED & ITZ)

I explained already; high chance of 2-0ing this week. Alternate options are LLL, RED, PNG if you have the cash to spend, as all these teams can go 2-0. Try not to spread yourself too thin with picks from a specific team while also not stacking two teams and hoping they’ll win.

Best Overall Captain: VXL Matsukaze: Kai’Sa & Varus

The rock for VXL, he has played only three champs this split so far: Kai’Sa, Varus, and Senna. Safe pick for VXL believers, as it is highly unlikely, he will pick up anything new.

Risky Captain: RED Titan: Ezreal & Jinx

RED is naturally a riskier pick to go for, as they either stomp or get stomped. Having said that, Titan has only played Ezreal and Jinx this split, so these picks are probable. He has the same effect as his mid laner; he will either be a useless pick or the best investment you made this week.

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