Fantasy CBLOL Week 3 Community Picks

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This week, CBLOL is going to be bloody. In this split, we have seen the rise of many low-tier teams while other top teams fell, causing a significant battle in the mid-tier zones; FLA seems like the only stable team currently. Therefore, I am here to help you make sense of this chaos and draft you the best possible roster.

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Top Lane

Parang – Flamengo Esports $300,000 (vs VXL & ITZ)

Apart from being the best team in the league by far, FLA also has some really easy matchups this week, making this pick the safest the top lane has to offer by far. When considering the cut-off compared to other top laners, the price seems worth it.

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Ryan – KaBuM! $270,000 (vs RNS & LLL)

Before picking the final roster, I already was deadest on the teams I wanted to pick; RNS, FLA, and KBM, as FLA and KBM should have relatively easy games while KBM have a relatively high ceiling. Out of the junglers from these teams, Ryan seems the most value-for-money; Croc is often placed on tank duty, and Ranger, although in FLA, is just not worth the money next to Ryan, who can produce even more points.

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Mid Lane

Yuri – Rensga Esports $300,000 (vs KBM & PNG)

Whenever this guy is on stage, RNS looks like a completely different team; the impact he provides to his team is undeniable. He is the leading point gainer on the team, as Croc tends to play around him quite a bit; he even has picked up Sejuani to pair it with Yuri’s Sylas.

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Bot Lane

DudsTheBoy – LOUD $280,000 (vs NM & KBM)

LLL is a very bot side-focused team, to the point where his points per game are equal to his top laner, jungler, and support combined. Whenever you pick DudsTheBoy, you pick (mathematically speaking) more than two players at once, for he is easily around 45% of his team’s total points. However, LLL has some bloody matches this week, so these games can go either way despite the value for money.

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scuro – KaBuM! $100,000 (vs RNS & LLL)

Support is the role most determined by the win/loss of the team, and KBM’s games are relatively winnable for them; KBM going 2-0 is entirely plausible.


Rensga Esports $260,000 (vs KBM & PNG)

This team has some bloody games this week; they are up against VXL and FUR. Although FUR should be an easy win, VXL is a toss-up that is slightly favored to RNS. Pick this team up if you believe in Yuri supremacy.

Best Overall Captain: KBM Disave: Kai’sa & Ezreal

This guy is a Kai’sa one trick on a team that can easily go 2-0 this week. Picking him Kai’sa alone will probably be enough for him to be the primary carry on the team, while the second pick would be whoever you personally think is the meta for ADCs at the moment; I went Ezreal for good measure.

Risky Captain: FLA Tutsz: Akali & Sylas

I already covered this man last week, and my opinions haven’t changed; he’s an assassin player. Lock in Akali, Sylas, Viego, Leblanc…. The choice is yours; the pool you can pick from is extensive. However, choosing the right combination might be a 50 point difference overall. Personally, I would go with Akali Sylas, for I still believe he can pull out the Akali if it gets through the pick phase, but keep in mind he did play LeBlanc in his last game to destroy INTZ.

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