Fantasy CBLOL Week 2 Community Picks

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Let’s get right down to business. Whether you are playing to win the F2P Cup, 1v1 Challenge, or taking on a Squad Battle, we all are after the W. We can even make some money on the way. So let’s take a look and see which players can be the biggest value, and who is most deserving of your Captain Crown.

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Top Lane

Fur Tyrin 2021 Split 2

Tyrin – FURIA Esports $180,000 (vs PNG & VXL)

Tyrin had the second-highest points last week amongst all top laners despite his team going 1-1, also had the second-highest PTS/G on his team. he is an insanely low cost relative to both other top laners and his own team. Excellent budget pick, although slightly risky; their match against PNG should be a 50/50 although they should win the VXL matchup.

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Rns Croc 2021 Split 2

Croc – Rensga Esports $250,000 (vs KBM & PNG)

Best jungler last week and should theoretically beat VXL with a bloodbath vs. PNG this week. Croc is one of RNS’s best players, and the team as a whole are excellent budget picks for this week, given their performance last week.

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Mid Lane

Fla Tutsz 2021 Split 2

Tutsz – Flamengo Esports $340,000 (vs VXL & ITZ)

FLA has pretty much two guaranteed wins again this week, so any FLA pieces you can acquire in general are great. No other mid laner in the league even remotely matched him in points last week, and this week is no different.

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Bot Lane

Lll Dudstheboy 2021 Split 2

DudsTheBoy – LOUD $300,000 (vs NM & KBM)

The hypercarry of LLL has by far the most points from anyone else on his team. I don’t see them dropping a game to NM, but KBM could be a different story. DudsTheBoy individually scored the 2nd most points in Week 1, continuing his strong fantasy performance from Split 1.

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Fla Redbert 2021 Split 2

RedBert – Flamengo Esports $130,000 (vs VXL & ITZ)

As always, support is the role most affected by win/loss, and Redbert is on FLA, meaning this should be a stable support pick. Their schedule is significantly easier this week so expect another high floor/ceiling for Redbert.


Rensga Esportslogo Square

Rensga Esports $220,000 (vs KBM & PNG)

RNS is a low-budget team, coming off a decisive 2-0 last week. Their matches are against two mid-tier teams, so god knows what may happen, but I expect them to contest mid-tier teams. Picking up RNS opens a lot of doors by allowing you to spend up for high-caliber players.

Best Overall Captain: FLA Tutsz: Tristana & Sylas

Fla Tutsz 2021 Split 2

Tutsz is Lider of CBLOL when you consider that his champion pool centers around aggro mid laners. Lock in Tristana and Syla for Tutsz. This meta fits him perfectly because Tristana is consistently picked as a flex, while Sylas has risen in play, and both let him dominate opponents in the lane.

Risky Captain: LLL DudsTheBoy: Tristana & Kai’sa

Lll Dudstheboy 2021 Split 2

As always, Bot lane has several priority champions, meaning picks can be difficult considering ban focus. Tristana is a solid pick for any Bot, due to the flex, but then the decision comes down to Jinx and Kai’sa, two of his strongest champions. DudsTheBoy is a risky play with how many viable ADCs there are, but his potential ceiling is worth it.

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