Fantasy CBLoL Split 1 Quarterfinals Picks

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Let’s get right down to business. Whether you are playing to win the F2P Cup, 1v1 Challenge, or taking on a Squad Battle, we all are after the W. We can even make some money on the way. So let’s take a look and see which players can be the biggest value, and who is most deserving of your Captain Crown.

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Top Lane

Lll Tay 2021 Split 1

Tay – LOUD $250,000 (vs PNG)

You may remember Tay from his appearance at Worlds last year. As LOUD made their push to make playoffs this year, it was Tay that they leaned on. He was a main carry for the team, and scored 25+ in all of LOUD’s final 5 wins, including 3 games of 37+ points.

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Png Cariok 2021 Split 1

Cariok – paiN Gaming $270,000 (vs LLL)

paiN Gaming played 18 games this season. Cariok scored over 30 points in 7 of those. Those came in wins and losses, so he just puts up numbers no matter what. Upside and safety, perfect combo.

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Mid Lane

Png Tinowns 2021 Split 1

TinOwns – paiN Gaming $300,000 (vs LLL)

TinOwns just puts up absolutely stupid stat line (in a good way). On 8 different occassions this season, he has had 5+ Kills with 1 or less Death. This includes a 10/0/8 Game on Azir and a 12/0/7 Game on Zoe. Big time fantasy prodution here.

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Bot Lane

Red Titan 2021 Split 1

TitaN – RED Canids $320,000 (vs KBM)

Yes, obviously I love the more expensive player in the pool, but he is the most expensive for a reason. He is the only person available that straight up averages 30+ points per game. Every game, win or loss. He also already has 2 Games of 15 Kills this season. 15!! He did it twice!! One of which came against this week’s opponent.

LoL Support Icon


Lll Ceos 2021 Split 1

Ceos – LOUD $120,000 (vs PNG)

By now, you know how important winning is for Supports, so let’s target one that should win. However, wins are similar, so let’s take the cheaper of the two favored options. LOUD was 2-0 vs PNG during the season, so odds are in their favor.


Red Canidslogo Square

RED Canids $290,000 (vs KBM)

LLL vs PNG should be tight, so sleep easy knowing that your team will make it to the next round by investing in RED.

Best Overall Captain: RED TitaN: Kaisa & Jhin

Titan Kaisa Jhin Captain pick 2021

Both those 15 Kills games I referenced above both came on Kaisa. I think KBM may be getting PTSD flashbacks if they see it locked in… Pair her with his most recent successful game with Jhin, and you have a perfect Captain.

Risky Captain: PNG Cariok: Udyr & Lillia

Cariok Lillia Udyr Captain Picks 2021

Coming off back to back 30+ point games on these 2 Champions, Cariok opens up a unique option for those that stray from going all in on their Bot Laner. These 2 Champions make up 9 of his last 12 games played.

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