Fantasy CBLOL Playoffs Round 1 Community Picks

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Good God, what a quarterfinals we have coming up ahead. We have the former champions of the CBLOL, who recently started trying out new comps after locking in their playoffs spot, FLA. We have the biggest team in the league branding-wise by far, who has shown solid growth and consistency and an unexpected 7-game win streak, LLL. We have the scrappy team that turns every game into an enjoyable bloodbath, leaving teams unwilling to adapt, torn, and split up; RED. Lastly, we have the standout team that, after a dismaying 8th place, has completely flipped their roster around and pulled out surprising win after win, landing them a spot above even the likes of LLL and RED, despite everyone’s expectation. They have defeated and lost to every team in the league once, and they are looking to take this newfound experience in a setting where their consistency will be tested, albeit them being nearly all rookies. That team is naturally RNS.

NB: Due to the format at hand, I will be removing the captain section and adding it as a note on my picks.

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Top Lane

guigo – RED Canids $230,000 (vs FLA)

For $230,000, you are getting the highest PPW top laner in the team that turns every game into a slaughterhouse. Although RED are not favorites to win this game, I can see RED pulling off some surprise victories, racking up tons of points in them. Heavily worth it for the price available.

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Croc – Rensga Esports $260,000 (vs LLL) – Captain: Diana/Xin Zhao

If you remember the first weeks of CBLOL, Croc had it rough, even more than his other team members. It mainly was the Yuri show, with all the points funneled into him, with Croc running Jarvan and Sejuani to support him. Therefore, he was gaining minimal points, both on wins and losses. But as RNS started to rack up wins slowly yet surely, one thing has proven to be the motivator behind this; Croc began to play to the meta, picking more carry champs instead, such as Diana and Xin Zhao. They are currently the 4th team in the league matching up against the 5th (LLL), but don’t let that deceive you; this series will be incredibly close. However, what you can accept is that Croc will pick up many points, especially compared to his counterpart in mewkyo. For the lowest price out of the junglers, this is an excellent pickup.

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Mid Lane

Dynquedo – LOUD $290,000 (vs RNS)

Over the past weeks, Dynquedo has also faced an upward trajectory similar to Croc’s, primarily due to a playstyle shift from a passive, ranged midlaner to a scrappy melee laner setting up tons of plays for the team and participating in most skirmishes. He seems to be one of the highest-scoring members of the team in terms of PPW, so expect this to pay off at least partially, especially considering the price value. As mentioned previously, this will be an incredibly close game, but purely points-wise, Dynquedo outshines his counterpart in Yuri, who also plays scrappy midlaners. Overall extremely safe pick which a decent payout.

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Bot Lane

DudsTheBoy – LOUD $310,000 (vs RNS) – Captain: Kalista/Aphelios

I know I’ve been preaching about this guy for literally every article I make, but deal with this for one more time. I already stated this would be a close matchup, but despite DudsTheBoy’s very low PPW, this is even more a reason to pick him; his PPL is almost equivalent to PPW, which is very rare sight. Regardless of how the matches go, it shall be a breeding ground for him to get safe points. It also helps his case that he is very consistent in his picks compared to his peers, so he is the only reliable ADC you can captain. The price is, as always, well worth it.

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RedBert – Flamengo Esports $120,000 (vs RED)

3rd place vs. 6th place. Need I say anymore? Support is an inherently win-dependent role, so you can’t afford to go for budget picks instead of safe, guaranteed wins. I know picking FLA after their recent slump is suspicious, but remember their dominance over the league when their games mattered before they locked in their playoff spot. He has one of the highest PPGs in the league, making the pick safe and reliable, exactly what you need for a support.


Flamengo Esports $280,000 (vs RED)

You’re not gonna get much from me on this one; I said everything I needed to say in my pick for Redbert, and the same applies here.