Esports Year In Review 2020

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We take a look back on how 2020 affected the esports scene for League of Legends, CS:GO, Valorant, and Dota 2. In a year when there was so much disruption around the globe for traditional sports, we are grateful to have had so much esports to watch! Scroll through the Esports 2020 Year in Review and take a stroll down memory lane.

League of Legends

Riot Games knocked it out of the park in 2020 with surprisingly little disruption. Most regions continued matches at normal, with some going completely remote or having no crowd. LoL fans were lucky to be able to enjoy seeing their favorite teams compete for their regional trophy and Worlds qualifications. The best part is fans didn’t have to just watch, they were also able to play Fantasy LoL along side it which made it even better!

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Spring / Summer Winners

LCK – T1 / Damwon Gaming
LPL – JD Gaming / Top Esports
LCS – Cloud9 / TSM
LEC – G2 Esports / G2 Esports

Worlds ’20

In a year when most international tournaments were canceled, Riot was able to pull off the miracle and host Worlds. All the teams had strict COVID protocols that included strict quarantining. NA lived up to the disappointing expectations, LEC didn’t perform much better. All eyes were on the LCK and LPL, with Dawmon Gaming winning the trophy and proving they were a class above the rest.

esports year in review 2020 worlds

Worlds Esports Highlights 2020


It was a year of ups and downs for CS:GO fans, Valve canceled all the Majors this year which was disappointing (but necessary), but there were definitely some high points. The CS:GO fans still had excitement with teams being as competitive as ever, and even some crazy roster shuffles to round out the year.

The North American CS:GO scene took a hit with a few players shifting to Valorant, and as a result a few teams moved their home region to Europe. To instill some excitement, Valve announced ESL for 2021!

Esports Highlights 2020


Valorant entered the esports scene as a blazing star with a ton of potential combining elements of already successful esports such as CS:GO and Overwatch into an action packed shooter backed by the company running the biggest game in the world, Riot Games.

After the full release in June, competition was already stirring up with big teams entering the fray such as TSM, Faze, Cloud 9, G2 and T1 to name a few. With many invitationals organised by teams such as T1 and Faze, Riot’s official First Strike tournament was what everyone has kept their eyes on with multiple regional finals taking place across the world. We saw 100 Thieves take NA’s first place whilst Heretics took Europe by storm.

The level of interest around Valorant is only increasing and we hope to see it grow into another global televised sensation as more and more people play. Check out some epic highlights below.

Esports Highlights 2020

Dota 2

The Dota 2 Pro Circuit (DPC) was canceled midseason because of The International being postponed. Instead, regional tournaments and closed events took their place. Although there was a changed format, the tournaments still had some epic moments. Team Secret had a monster year racking up 8 tournament wins and numerous top 3 placements. OG, Nigma (2019 Team Liquid roster), EG, LGD and VP remained top tier despite some shaky performances every now and then.

The International (TI10)

It was surprising to see that in a year with a postponed TI, the prize pool still managed to break records capping at $40m ($6m higher than 2019). The most disappointing part is that fans have to wait another year to see if OG can take get the 3-peat!

Dota 2 Ti10 prize pool $40m

Esports Highlights 2020

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