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Looking to set your first Esports One Fantasy lineup? We have you covered with a deep guide to understanding what a fantasy lineup consists of and how to build the winning team. You are now able to enter multiple contests, which means that you can also create a different lineup for each one if you want. Check out below on our 6 steps to creating your fantasy dream team. 

How to Set Your Lineup

1 – Understanding Salaries

In Fantasy, you have a $1,500,000 salary cap to spend on your full Lineup for each week. Each player will have a salary for that week; players that are projected to score a lot of points will have higher salaries. You don’t have to spend your total salary cap each week if you don’t need to.

2 – Research Players

There are a few ways to research players; the ‘Player List’ has the necessary information about every available player. You can also click on any player on the list to pull up their Player Card. If you want some Lineup advice, you can click on the ‘Content‘ button on the navigation bar to read our Articles or even join our Discord Server (Click Here), where other players discuss their strategies with our fantasy experts.

3 – Adding Your Players

A Lineup consists of 6 player/team slots to fill:

  • Top Laner
  • Jungler
  • Mid Laner
  • Bot Laner (ADC)
  • Support
  • Team

To add a player to your roster, you click the ‘+’ button next to each name on the ‘Player List.’

Your Lineup does not need to have all the slots filled to be considered valid. However, we recommend filling a team to maximize your points. Keep in mind that you can’t have more than three players from the same team in your Lineup.

4 – Selecting Your Captain

Every week you select a Captain out of your 5 Players (your Team cannot be your Captain). When you choose your Captain, you also will pick the two Champions you think they will play this week. If your Captain plays either of the Champions picked during a game, they will earn 1.5x points for that match.

5 – Save Your Lineup

We cannot stress this enough; you must click ‘Save’ to ensure your Lineup is valid and will score points. If you have already saved it, click save again!

6 – Editing Lineups

Once you have entered a contest, you can view each of your saved lineups for each contest by clicking on ‘My Entries’ on the top navigation bar. From there, you can click ‘Edit Lineup’ on any contest for which you wish to change the lineup for.

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