Esports One Bytes Guide

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Esports One Bytes Guide

Esports One Fantasy has turned it up another notch for fantasy players. We have reworked our virtual currency, Bytes, that was introduced near the end of 2020. Bytes now have a monetary value to them (you can cash them out for gift cards), so each victorious lineup you set feels that much sweeter!

How Do I Get Bytes?

Bytes can only be earned through winning premium contests or by purchasing them in the Esports One Store. Bytes will be available in bundles at different prices.

  • Now you can enter premium contests with Bytes for a chance to win more Bytes or prizes
  • If you place in the top 5 of the Free Contest you will earn a free entry pass to a premium contest, where you can earn Bytes! (Learn more about our Contests.)
  • If you place 6th-10th you will receive a Bytes discount offer!

What can I Get with Bytes?

Similar to before, Bytes will be used to buy-in to our premium contests, unlock customizations in the Esports One Fantasy Store, and gift cards to cash out! To use Bytes to buy-in to Bytes contests you must be 18+ years of age.

You will be able to exchange your Bytes for gift cards at these values:

  • $10 – 1000
  • $15 – 1500
  • $20 – 2000
  • $25 – 2500
  • $50 – 5000
  • $100 – 10000

Rules & Terms

Must keep Bytes in account for at least 7 days and play in a Bytes-entry contest before cashing out. We will send instructions to redeem this gift card to your account’s email address in 2-4 business days.

You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to enter a Contest with Bytes. Users who are under 18 years of age that are awarded a free entry into a Bytes-entry Contest, may participate. By using Bytes to enter a Contest [and by agreeing to our terms and conditions] you warrant and represent that you are at least 18 years of age.

Refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information here.