E1 Fantasy x U.GG

Originally published at: Announcing the E1 Fantasy and U.GG Partnership | Esports One

Esports One is thrilled to announce our U.GG partnership! Together we are bringing an exclusive fantasy League of Legends experience to its users! Here are some of the cool perks:

  • Join the U.GG Private Leaderboard
  • Claim a FREE Fantasy Summer Pass (Details below)
  • Win monthly and yearly BOOST subscriptions!
U.GG Private Leaderboard

About U.GG

U.GG is one of the largest Riot-partnered League of Legends statistics and visualization services. U.GG applies a data-driven approach to everything, from user profiles to champion builds. Recently, U.GG has added a premium subscription service, U.GG BOOST, where users gain access to industry-first features, such as customizable user profiles and a full champion combo database, among others.

“I’m excited to partner with Esports One. I can’t wait to compete against the U.GG team and our broader community of users to show that I am, by far, the best statistical analyst of LCS and LEC player performance”

Shinggo Lu, Co-Founder of U.GG

U.GG Partnership Prizes

We are excited to share that U.GG will be providing awesome BOOST prizes to be won exclusively for users that play the U.GG Leaderboard. There will not only be one, but two types of prizes to compete for; Weekly and the Grand Prizes. These are prizes from the U.GG partnership are going to give users the edge in game!

Weekly Prizes

These are awarded to the users that score the 1st, 2nd and 3rd highest points each week.

1st Prize: 1 Month BOOST Subscription ($4.99 value)
2nd Prize: 1 Month BOOST Subscription  ($4.99 value)
3rd Prize:  1 Month BOOST Subscription  ($4.99 value)

Grand Prizes

These are awarded to the users that score the 1st, 2nd and 3rd highest points for the entire Summer Split (Inc. Playoffs)

1st Prize: 1 Annual BOOST Subscription + T-Shirt  ($64.99 value)
2nd Prize: 1 Annual BOOST Subscription ($39.99 value)
3rd Prize:  1 Annual BOOST Subscription ($39.99 value)

U.GG Partnership Prize Tshirt

Claim a FREE Summer Pass from U.GG

One of the major perks of the U.GG partnership is to give away a free Summer Passes ($10 value) to everyone who completes the steps below, courtesy of Esports One. Pass holders will have access to exclusive expert content and cosmetic upgrades like avatar frames, badges, and more to make playing Fantasy LoL EVEN cooler!

E1 Fantasy Summer Pass CosmeticsUnlock Skins, Badges and Avatar Frames.

How to claim your free Summer Pass Promo Code:

Create a free account on U.GG and go through the simple steps to verify your League of Legends account on U.GG.

      • 1. Go to U.GG profile settings and click Verify Account (see image below)
      • 2. Copy the verification link in U.GG profile settings
      • 3. Open League of Legends client
      • 4. Go to League of Legends profile settings and find verification
      • 5. Paste the link in and click save in the League of Legends client.

Once you have completed these steps you will receive your Promo Code

Screenshot of Step 1

How to redeem your Free Summer Pass:

  1. Log into E1 Fantasy: https://fantasy.esportsone.com
  2. Open your profile by clicking your user icon in the top-left corner
  3. Enter your Summer Event Pass code and click “REDEEM”
  4. BOOM, you’re a Passholder! Keep an eye out for new drops in the customization tab of your profile.

Alternatively, we have a video to show you how to redeem your U.GG partnership Summer Pass.