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We are mixing up the format for this weeks ‘LoL Fantasy Champion Picks for Playoffs Spring 2020’, the smaller player pool means we can not only recommend the Champions, but also the Captains!

With that in mind, building your lineup is like building a magnificent sundae. You choose your flavors of ice cream, choose the toppings, all with the sole purpose of making the most delicious and non-nutritious piece of art you can. However, it is not done without the cherry on top, that is where choosing your captain comes into play. You need to crown the right player and choose the right champions to try to maximize the chances of the 50% game bonus. Especially with the new playoff format where you choose two champions that count for ANY game, there are lots of bonus points to be had!

Mid Laner Captains

C9 Nisqy: Zoe & Rumble

      • You would think that people would start banning Zoe… But Nisqy is not complaining

FLY PowerOfEvil: Azir & LeBlanc

G2 Perkz: Rumble & Akali

      • Perkz is a tough case because you know he is going to put up massive numbers, but he has such a wide champion pool that he is a tough captain. Odds are low but upside is there.

Bot Laner Captains

G2 Caps: Aphelios & Ezreal

C9 Zven: Aphelios & Ezreal/Varus

  • It is close between Ezreal and Varus for the second option. Even though Zven has played more Varus, he has had far more success on Ezreal.

FNC Rekkles: Senna & Miss Fortune

  • If you pick Rekkles, you do NOT want him to play Senna, but chances are that he will so take the free points.

Jungler Captains

G2 Jankos: Lee Sin & Pantheon

FNC Selfmade: Gragas & Lee Sin

      • Olaf was a close 3rd and usually puts up big points, but the chances are a Lee Sin appearing is higher.

C9 Blaber: Nocturne & Pantheon

      • Blaber scores like a person who would be an amazing captain, but his champs are a little tougher to predict. Gragas/Lee Sin dominated his pool in reg season, but it has been all Nocturne/Pantheon in the playoffs.

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