Captain Picks: Week 7

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If you haven’t noticed yet, we are just the nicest people in the world. If you set a lineup each week, we officially love you. Not only are we are telling you who to pick for your Captain, we want to give you the next level analysis on those perfect Champion picks! That 50% bonus can be the difference between winning it all and applauding from the stands. So let’s break down who you should be targetting this week!

If you are a hardcore player and want to do a deeper dive, we provide the current ‘Captain Role Meta,’ which talks through each role’s viability for a Captain pick.

5 Best Captain Options

1. MAD Carzzy: Kalista + Ezreal


The Perfect Captain: New King in town! Last week we saw MAD take resources away from Humanoid and put all their eggs in Crazzy’s basket. If this is a trend that continues, then there are MASSIVE points in store for Carzzy. Oh, and no doubt he is the best Kalista in the LEC.

2. OG Upset: Aphelios + Ezreal


Just when you think you can count OG out, they storm back into hearts and lineups with a commanding 2-0. OG may have had a down streak, but Upset still leads all scorers in Fantasy Points per Game. AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT.

3. RGE Larssen: Orianna + Corki


Last week’s King falls a couple of spots this week just because people have to start banning away his Orianna or Corki… right? Either way, Larssen will reward his owners greatly. Hottest fantasy player in the LCS or LEC right now.

4. TSM Doublelift: Aphelios + Kalista


TSM is in shambles right now, but DL is not their problem. If they are to get back on track (like TSM always does), it will be on the back of Doublelift.

5. EG Bang: Aphelios + Ezreal


The pitiful scoring stretch seems to be in the past for Bang as he has been much more involved in fights lately. EG has a fun new look, but will still lean heavily on their star ADC to get any wins.

Deeper Dive – Captain Role Meta

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

There are a few players that would theoretically make great Captains in the right lineup (Ssumday, Huni, Alphari, Orome). Still, I’d stray away from them just because the position is so unpredictable, usually relying on counter-picks. I mean, I guess Camille, Jayce, and Kennan are just as popular as Ornn and Gangplank now…

LoL Jungler Icon


We have seen a collapse of the top-tier Junglers lately, specifically Blaber. However, if you pick Blaber without a dependable Bot, he would be the only Jungler worth crowning as your Captain (Sett & Lee Sin).

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane

Things have been getting weird lately. We see constant Twisted Fate bans and counter-picks all over. Orianna, Azir and Zoe seem to be the Big 3, but don’t be surprised if you lose out to a Galio or Syndra.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

We are starting to see some variety! Senna is back, and she isn’t fasting! Senna is now next to Kalista as the backup options to Ezreal and Aphelios, with Ashe in at #5.

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