Captain Picks: Week 6

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If you haven’t noticed yet, we are just the nicest people in the world. If you set a lineup each week, we officially love you. Not only are we are telling you who to pick for your Captain, we want to give you the next level analysis on those perfect Champion picks! That 50% bonus can be the difference between winning it all and applauding from the stands. So let’s break down who you should be targetting this week!

If you are a hardcore player and want to do a deeper dive, we provide the current ‘Captain Role Meta,’ which talks through each role’s viability for a Captain pick.

5 Best Captain Options

1. RGE Larssen: Orianna + Corki


The Perfect Captain: The leader of the 1st place LEC team has a schedule this week that will only boost his league-leading points per game average. Orianna and Corki have accounted for 6 of his 9 games, 4 of which he scored over 28 points in.

2. C9 Blaber: Olaf + Lee Sin


After having the worst weekend of his professional career, we all should expect Blaber to come back angry and motivated. If you pick him, you want to see Olaf as he has yet to score less than 24 points in a game with the Champ.

3. GG FBI: Ezreal + Aphelios


FBI is a Bot Laner, so he wants to play Ezreal or Aphelios. Golden Guardians funnels all resources directly to FBI, empowering him to carry the entire game. He will happily carry GG and your lineup this week.

4. CLG Stixxay: Ezreal + Aphelios


With the same Champions and the same schedule as FBI this week, Stixxay is another threat to lead the entire position. As CLG goes, so does Stixxay.

5. TL Jensen: Azir + Twisted Fate


Safety and predictability make for a great Captain. Jensen’s 20+ point game streak is now at 5, and his schedule sets up well for continuing the streak. 7 of his 10 games have come on Azir or Twisted Fate, including 4 of the games on this hot streak.

Deeper Dive – Captain Role Meta

![LoL top lane icon|136x136](upload://o24n5gVUcfUgQ9g20cYH8bG82xk.png)

Top Lane

This is the most popular lane to counter pick, so it’s tough to capitalize on a player’s own tendencies.

![LoL Jungler Icon|136x136](upload://3NDdlYncObCXOMVxWiS8V9jAlj7.png)


This is not the best week of matchups for top-tier Junglers. You are always rooting for them to play Olaf, but the 2nd pick is unique everywhere you look.

![LoL Mid Lane Icon|136x136](upload://foX9kDdYKnk2MH1JllqFQINaUUA.png)

Mid Lane

Similar to Junglers, Mids have the staple Champion in Orianna. However, the second option can be extremely fluid, especially since the lane is so often counter picked.

![LoL bot lane icon|136x136](upload://6ayhVg1ttMFnNqMUIRLzd6Yo2v4.png)

Bot Lane

We have seen the emergence of Ashe through a wrench in Captain picks, but you should still feel confident in Ezreal & Aphelios being the safest and most likely combo. (No, don’t pick Wukong).

![LoL Support Icon|136x136](upload://vlSG7eR2lhUEExc2BBTbTRQrOff.png)


No thank you.

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