Captain Picks: Week 4

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If you haven’t noticed yet, we are just the nicest people in the world. If you set a lineup each week, we officially love you. Not only are we are telling you who to pick for your Captain, we want to give you the next level analysis on those perfect Champion picks! That 50% bonus can be the difference between winning it all and applauding from the stands. So let’s break down who you should be targetting this week!

If you are a hardcore player and want to do a deeper dive, we provide the current ‘Captain Role Meta,’ which talks through each role’s viability for a Captain pick.

5 Best Captain Options

1. C9 Blaber: Olaf + Lee Sin

The Perfect Captain: It is not an exaggeration at all to say that Blaber is smurfing the LCS. Blaber’s value has always been tied to the fact that he is able to drastically outscore every other Jungler. Now he is able to straight-up outscore any other player. He proved this week that Olaf and Lee Sin are his go-to Champs, making for an ideal captain.

2. G2 Caps: Zoe + Twisted Fate

With Perkz not playing this week, Caps will have to carry even more of a load. Although G2 has been inconsistent, Caps has proven that he can really excel on high-mobility Mid Champions that can have a presence across the entire map. His go-to Champs for this strategy, Twisted Fate and Zoe.

3. MAD Humanoid: Azir + Orianna

It may have snuck up on some people, but Humanoid is now the leading fantasy scorer on the #1 team in the LEC. He even outscores his own Bot Laner. Better yet, 6 of Humanoid’s 7 games have come on the same two Champions, Azir and Orianna.

4. TSM Doublelift: Kalista + Kai’Sa

As a whole, making a Bot Laner your Captain is more risky than past weeks due to the changes of the newest patch. However, Doublelift was never an ADC that relied on an Ezreal Death’s Dance build to get Kills. Kalista and Kai’sa have been two of his favorite, neither of which should get knocked out of the meta by the patch.

5. RGE Larssen: Orianna + Corki

Rogue said it best, GG doesn’t stand for ‘Good Game,’ it stands for ‘Ginger God.’ Larssen is the scoring leader on the stacked Rogue team and has popped off everytime he landed on either of these two Champions. He amazed everybody on Ryze, so we can expect some bans to come through on that.

Deeper Dive – Captain Role Meta

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Top Lane

Volibear has become a strong, predictable pick but not enough to boost scoring abilities to make a Top Laner Captain viable.

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If you spend up for a Top Jungler (Blaber, Jankos), they are worthy of the Captain Crown. Each top Jungler seems to have their own go-to pair though.Blaber is listed above but Jankos seems to be going back to his Pantheon/Rek’Sai pair. No other Junglers are worth being a Captain this week.

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Mid Lane

With the obscurity about how the Bot Lane pool will change with the nerfs, Mids as Captains have become a much more viable option. Although there is still a wide variety of Champions played in Mid across the two leagues, we have started to see personal preference now that three weeks are done.

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Bot Lane

The new 10.13 patch hitting will make the new Bot meta very interesting. Aphelios seems to be safe, but significant changes to items could see somebody like Ezreal fade in popularity for somebody like Kog’Maw. This would be the week to prioritize your top-tier Mid/Jungler over Bot, but if you can’t, pick as if the meta will be unchanged.

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