Captain Picks: Week 3

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IMPORTANT: We have made changes to how Champions work for Captains. Going forward if either of your Champions are played in either game, you get the bonus! (Champions are no longer assigned to just G1 or G2). So biggest change, DO NOT select the same Champion twice!!!

If you haven’t noticed yet, we are just the nicest people in the world. If you set a lineup each week, we officially love you. Not only are we are telling you who to pick for your Captain, we want to give you the next level analysis on those perfect Champion picks! That 50% bonus can be the difference between winning it all and applauding from the stands. So let’s break down who you should be targetting this week!

If you are a hardcore player and want to do a deeper dive, we provide the current ‘Captain Role Meta,’ which talks through each role’s viability for a Captain pick.

5 Best Captain Options

1. OG Upset: Ezreal + Aphelios


The Perfect Captain: Highest scoring player available with a clear pair of Champions he plays. He has alternated between Ezreal and Aphelios the last four games, a range which includes wins over Fnatic and G2. The hottest fantasy player in the LCS/LEC shows no signs of slowing down.

2. C9 Blaber: Olaf + Trundle


It may be surprising, but the 2nd highest scoring player available is a Jungler. The combination of the fact that he has only played two Champions this Summer and Cloud9 has another 2-0 week ahead of them, Blaber is a very safe bet for big points.

3. EG Bang: Ezreal + Aphelios​


Here is a list of every Champion Bang has played this Split: Aphelios… That’s it. It may not be as clear cut as C9, but EG is favored to win both of their games this week. Add in the fact that we know Bang has one Champion on his mind; it makes for an easy Captain pick.

4. FLY Santorin: Trundle + Kindred


Right behind Upset in scoring in Week 2, Santorin has emerged as the leader of the surging Flyquest team. His massive 71 point Week 2 came as a result as a 2-0 week, and this week Flyquest faces the easiest schedule of any team on the slate. And he has made it clear that he loves himself some Trundle.

4. C9 Zven: Ezreal + Aphelios


He may not be putting up the gaudy numbers of Spring, but he the Bot Laner of the most dominant team in the LCS or LEC will always get his points. Zven has only played Ezreal and Aphelios this split, and there is no reason that should change in another incoming 2-0 week.

Deeper Dive – Captain Role Meta

![LoL top lane icon|136x136](upload://o24n5gVUcfUgQ9g20cYH8bG82xk.png)

Top Lane

There is no reason to make your Top Laner your Captain. Their ceiling for scoring is lower than all positions other than Support, and their Champion pool is not clear enough, especially with the new introduction of Volibear. Yes, Ornn is predictable, but also one of the worst Champions for finding Kills in the Meta.

![LoL Jungler Icon|136x136](upload://3NDdlYncObCXOMVxWiS8V9jAlj7.png)


With Jungler Champions being so much clearer than Mid Champions, making your Top-tier Jungler has become a much stronger strategy. Only a few Junglers can score enough to make it worth making them your Captain (Blaber, Santorin, Jankos), but luckily their Champion pools have been very predictable.

![LoL Mid Lane Icon|136x136](upload://foX9kDdYKnk2MH1JllqFQINaUUA.png)

Mid Lane

Mid Laners are usually right behind Bot Laners for the go-to Captain position, but they have become too hard to predict. Try to avoid taking the risk here, but if you invested the majority of your money into your Mid Laner (Jiizuke, Nisqy, Caps, PowerOfEvil), it is worth the calculated risk.

![LoL bot lane icon|136x136](upload://6ayhVg1ttMFnNqMUIRLzd6Yo2v4.png)

Bot Lane

Choosing Champions for your Bot laner is EZ(real). It has become clear that the ideal pairing, regardless of the player, is Ezreal and Aphelios. Yes, other Champs can sneak in (Kalista, Varus, Kaisa), but there are too many options there, and they all have the same small percentage so they end up canceling each other out.

![LoL Support Icon|136x136](upload://vlSG7eR2lhUEExc2BBTbTRQrOff.png)


Lol, nah.

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